Junji Ito Collection : Souichi’s Convenient Curses / Hellish Doll Funeral

Episode 1

Junji Ito, if you don’t know, is a Japanese Horror Manga writer. He writes short stories which are extremely…. Unsettling.

The first of the stories, Souichi’s Convenient Curses, which is the longer of the two wasn’t really unsettling of horror filled.

Souichi was able to bring curses on people until one day it went wrong and he didn’t learn his lesson. The only thing that happened to him that was a negative was his toad was steamed to death but he wasn’t really sorry about it seeing he was the one that did it.

I liked the story though because Souichi was such a strange and funny character. The way he was talking to people about cursing people and the like was just hilarious, when he got tripped up either in word play with his brother or by failing to curse someone it was funny watching him sulk. The giant spider curse was the only thing that kinda made it scary for me, I have a big fear of spiders, but other then that nothing else really was. He didn’t kill anyone or anything he was just a loser really.

Hellish Doll Funeral was only a few minutes long but from its very start it was more unsettling then the fist.

It was like one of those very short unsettling verses by someone like Tim Burton or Neil Gaiman. It happened in a flash but man did it make my stomach turn.

Basically the children had been turning into dolls and after they fully turned they ended up rotting and kind of turning into some horrible bug like monstrosity until the parents decided to get rid of them.

It really worked well as a double act though. The first story was fun though the art style was perfect and gruesome, the music was hauntingly beautiful and the characters were crazy whilst the second just kind of… Yeah the kind of story I’ve read from Ito. I mean I’m not a giant fan, well I am I just haven’t read a lot, so I haven’t seen a lot of his comedy stuff with Souichi but I thought it was a fun way to kinda… I dunno. Misfoot the audience who doesn’t really know his work? You have most of the episode being this really crazy thing about Souichi then pull out the doll short before going into something more horrific in episode 2. I think that could really work in its favour.

Can’t wait for episode 2!


2 thoughts on “Junji Ito Collection : Souichi’s Convenient Curses / Hellish Doll Funeral”

  1. I really did want a bit more horror from that first story, but I had enough fun watching that I’ll go for a second episode. Hopefully this series ends up being entertaining throughout.

    1. I thought they’d start with a more horror related story but I do think it’s fun that in some ways it’s put us on a back foot. People who don’t know much about Ito might now imagine the whole series will be like this and then be truly horrified when some of the real stomach churning body Horror stuff happens. I hope it will at least be entertaining the whole time.

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