Inuyashiki : Shion Watanabe

Episode 7

“Watanabe Shion” (渡辺しおん)

Hiro is more dangerous then ever. Before just a serial killer, now a serial killer with so many emotions bubbling under his usual stony personality. Being pushed to his extremes what path shall he take now?

Hiro is never going to be a character I think I’ll understand.

We get the explanation to why he ended up the way he did. He once saw pictures of someone dying after jumping in front of a train and killing people made him feel like he was alive, much like the relief of not having cancer and being able to help people makes Inuyashiki feel alive.

Shion is the one he makes this announcement to but her refusal to see him as anything but human gives him a change of heart and he spends the rest of the episode trying to help people to be a better person for Shion and her grandmothers sake.

So why I think I’ll never understand him is simply because of all that.

His mum loved him and he loved her. In fact right now I don’t really think he loves or cares for Shion in a real way, he’s had the grief of losing his mother and having to deal with what he is and what he’s done and she’s just being nice to him.

He HAD the love of his mother and for intents and purposes he’s had the love of his father and his fathers new family. I know to a point he did a lot of what he did to make a better life for his mum and himself but if he couldn’t be a good person for his mum why do I believe he’s going to change because of Shion?

I’m happy he has but at the same time no matter how many hundreds of people he saves now he deserves to be caught and sentenced for the innocent lives he took.

Again he killed people because he thought it made him feel alive. There are PLENTY of criminals in the world, he had the means to tell good people from bad people. He didn’t. He killed random people including innocent children for his own pleasure. He is no Light who was corrupted by power and went from judging the guilty who would get freed in the end to trying to bend the world to his whim. No. He was a kid that OK something traumatic happened to him, and we don’t really know I guess why he turned out the way he did just the reason he gave Shion because he obviously wasn’t 100% happy in life and we don’t know yet why he was even on the hill the night of the accident, but turned to killing innocent people to feel alive. As soon as one girl reaches out to him, baring in mind his life wasn’t THAT awful and his mum loved him, he does a total 180 and is suddenly a saint!

I don’t think its bad writing either I think he as a character is a empty shell. He’s filled with ideas but not much else. He reacts to emotional things by trying to please people but he doesn’t actually put logic into play. Shion is the first person other then Ando that he’s told about his power and the problem with Ando is he told him about his power AFTER he decided to kill for fun and BEFORE the trauma that would make him listen. Shion is there at the right time to tell him and mold him into a better person.

The thing is just because he’s a empty shell doesn’t mean he isn’t a serial killer that has killed who knows how many people. Not one that we know of was a criminal, at least one was a cold blooded murder of a infant. I don’t know how Shion keeps loving him, then again love is a stupid emotion that I hate with flaming passion at the moment, but I fear for what will happen when the police who seem to have found him go in to capture him in the next episode.

I’m telling you this…

If Shion or her grandmother come to harm the world will burn in Hiro’s anger.


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