My Life as a Playlist Week 1

So we did like this idea last year when we did it for a writing prompt thing and I was going to bring it back but never got around to it. I’ve been really ill the last few days so haven’t been able to do anything much so thought I’d at least bring this one out for the fun of it.

Sunshine – All-American Rejects

It is one of those songs that just reminds me of everything.

OK that is a terrible explanation but its lines like “You’ve been broken into fifty pieces” or “It’s just you’re uneasy, When you need me” that makes me think about how I feel and always makes me want to tear up. Obviously I’m the broken one not the light in anyone’s darkness but the reason its made its way in this week is that I’ve been so ill all week that the one time I was able to go out, which was the one day I was able to go to work, seeing the guy who kinda is my light just made things better.

Though I did get uneasy seeing him.

Coming Undone – Korn

I’m picking this one just because as the week has gone on I’ve gotten more and more ill to the point where I thought I was going to die horribly on Friday because I could no longer move let alone anything else. It was horrible.

Then again…

I’m trying to hold it together
Head is lighter than a feather
Looks like I’m not getting better
Not getting better

If I had done one for the whole of 2017 that would have fit perfectly. I do get like that very often and as ill as I was getting my mental health was suffering. Its a great song for explaining me falling to pieces.

Chris Jericho WWE Theme

This is because Chris Jericho was at WK12 and all I could think of was I wish he came down to his WWE theme. Not because I don’t love Judas, brilliant song, but because I just get goosebumps whenever I hear this one. I honestly think its one of the best entrance songs in the world.

Jericho at WK12 meant the whole world was watching and him vs Omega was everything you wanted it to be. A highlight in a otherwise miserable week.

Giving In – Adema

I look forward
To dying tonight.

OK over reaction but I honestly felt like I was dying a few times this week. I’ve actually been really ill to the point of a couple times not even being able to move. Again I’ve mainly picked it for the title though as I did just give in and yesterday decided there was no point even thinking about going into work today because I was so ill so gave in to my weakness and phoned in ill instead of waiting and going in. I probably would have died if I went in today but I felt well enough compared to the rest of the week that I feel shitty about not going in.


All in all this week has been a little bit shit. I felt at the beginning of it that we were doing a good job of getting things done and I was just genuinely having a good week. Then I got ill, I have a stupid amount of drafts to work on and I just feel super shitty in all ways.

Hoping everyone else has had a good week. Let me know if there is a song or a few songs that describe your week!

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