Inuyashiki : People of 2 Chan

Episode 6

“Nichan no hito tachi” (2chの人たち)

Catching up with the second half of the season. Episode 5 ended on a cliffhanger so what happened next?

Inuyashiki is able to give me one heartbreaking scene per episode. I cry almost every time I watch this show and this episode was no different. Whilst what happened to Hiro, having to hide away and not be able to protect his mum from the harassment she got from reporters, was deserved it really was so hard knowing from the moment the episode started that his mum wouldn’t make it past this episode. Her feelings were made as clear as crystal last episode, if her son was the serial killer she wouldn’t be able to live with herself because she’d blame herself for what he did, and she doesn’t. Of course Hiro takes it out on the people that doxed her on 2 Chan instead of also taking a good long hard look at himself. His actions lead to this and no amount of killing of trolls will change that.

It turned into quite the blood bath as Hiro’s true power came to light. He can kill over computers and everything meaning no one is truly safe from him. He can tell where just about anyone is, he’s a walking computer.

A quite bloody episode by the end.

What the episode did well though was cut Hiro’s fall from grace in two. We get the build up of him running away, being found by Shion and sheltered by her and her grandmother who doesn’t watch TV and watching the events unfold in his own little mind bubble but before it goes on we break off to Inuyashiki training with Andou which kind of broke everything up and gave a little light in the middle of a rather dark episode.

I loved watching them mess around with Andou showing Inuyashiki how to use his phone in his head and stuff. The fact he flew so high he was in outer space with a astronaut was hilarious, the fact that he kind of deadpanned it like it wasn’t important was what made it the absolute best though. They are slowly getting used to the technology but their input in the episode was so important because of just how dark the rest of it was.

After that little break Hiro went on his murder rampage.

He’s a interesting character is Hiro. You kind of get this is all pent up anger at his dad and his dad’s perfect life whilst him and his mum obviously to some degree suffered. Even with all this and the death of his mum he can’t bring himself to actually kill his own father though. Plus whilst we spend the majority of the episode with him we don’t really get a insight into how he feels, we see him sad and probably regretful but after his mum dies its hard to gauge how much he actually feels that is his fault of whether he feels he’s fully justified to kill the trolls online blaming them and the media for her death more then he does his own actions. You don’t really get a moment of his mums words ringing in his ears or something from the last episode where she told him she’d want to be dead if he was the killer but its hard to see if through obvious guilt he realises that her death is truly on his hands and his hands alone.

3 thoughts on “Inuyashiki : People of 2 Chan”

    1. Like I’m binge watching it right now to finish the reviews and I can honestly say I recommend it highly. Its very interesting.

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