Ousama Game (King’s Game) Final Thoughts

Recommend : Maybe

A show littered with gruesome deaths and a interesting mystery that only gets a maybe for recommendation?

Its a show that you’ll be happy to have seen and if there is ever a sequel will be a must watch for those of us who did watch it but its not something you should run out and watch just for the sake of it.

Lets start by pointing out that I enjoyed it a lot. Some episodes were much better then others, it seemed at times that parts of the story, character development or even just introducing of characters was too short whilst other moments that meant nothing to the overall story were too long. The uneven balance of important moments being squandered for what I can only explain as heart breaking scenarios made the whole series feel rushed and unimportant.

Personally I never felt connected to any character enough to care if they survived. The one character in the present that I did care about pretty much had the mark of death upon him the moment they explored his character and it was a waste to even put time and effort into the class before this one as we already knew they were all dead anyway!

I’m guessing the manga focused on the second game with the first game being introduced through flashbacks like in the anime, I think it would have been a good idea to have made the first game a series in its own right or even just one quick episode to begin the season with. It wasted too much time getting us to care about already dead characters when the characters we should have been caring about were forgotten. It killed most of the drama from pretty much episode 2 on wards and the series then relied heavily on gruesome killings and ridiculous requests.

I said in the review of the episode that it happened but when the timer went down on the second day and we saw a girl trying to get a dead body to grope her and another girl murder her whole family we should have felt something and I personally didn’t. Why would I care about these girls I didn’t know? For all I knew the one with the dead body was a necrophiliac anyway and the other one a mass murderer. I know they weren’t because we’re pretty much told that they are all normal kids but with no connection to them their plight was just eye candy to hide the fact that the series was never going to resolve any of the mystery it was shrouded in.

Maybe that is why its a maybe for me.

I didn’t need the whole story explained, I didn’t need to have anything set out in stone but I would have liked to have been given a idea. I know we’re meant to go with the virus idea, I get that we’re meant to believe that and by them all dying at the end of the episode the virus is dead.

There was nothing else supernatural in their world though so how the hell did a virus start sending letters to people? How did it incorporate itself into the internet?

It was a theory mid season from Nobuaki’s first game that was then brought up and just excepted at the end.

I wanted just a little more to go on but we never got it.

It is as gruesome as it seems, it has its moments it really does, but you end up feeling like you’ve wasted your time. Its like you’ve watched episode 1 of a really interesting story but there isn’t actually a real promise from what I can tell that there will be a episode 2 and if there is it might just be episode 1 re-hashed with new characters.



One thought on “Ousama Game (King’s Game) Final Thoughts”

  1. I ended up enjoying this but I get that the story was complete rubbish in the end. The main characters worked well enough in context but I didn’t particularly worry about the safety of anyone in this show. The first episode makes it clear that most of the cast are not characters but cannon fodder for the death count so it makes it hard to want to get attached to them even if the writing had been up to the task. Still, it kind of worked for me as a bad horror.

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