Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Demise (End/Grudge) [END]

Episode 12

“Shūen” (終怨)

The game isn’t going to be beaten. If it is it has left it too late for the game being beaten to mean anything really. I suspect someone is going to survive and the game starts again…

I am pretty much right.

Everyone gets to the end thanks to the 60 second count probably being extended to about 2 minutes in reality and a swift kick to the side of Natsuko’s face.

What the Kings Game is never really gets explained. We’re still going with a virus that originated from the village and made its way onto the internet. With all the letters they’ve collected they’ve come up, and I guess it was confirmed by the weird flashes effects, with a sentence telling them to end the Kings Game they all have to die.

THIS is after the most gruesome game of all where they all were basically going to be killed to make a human doll. It was only Riona, Natsuko and Nobuaki alive at this point and obviously none of them were going to survive.

Whilst Natsuko tries to take down Nobuaki, enraged at him for giving people false hope when he knew that the game would continue until all of them were dead and the survivor would go on to a new game because what is the point of fighting to survive if you are just going to die, Riona puts a chainsaw through Natsuko….

Who survives long enough to kill Nobuaki with the chainsaw with us learning that she’d watched someone else kill the person she loved in her first game.

By the end of the episode Riona, who is so in love with Nobuaki for unknown reasons, is seen to drown herself.

If this felt like a cop out and you want more answers then I’m with you, if you watch right to the end you get the tantalizing view of the game going off on more phones, negating the virus theory in my opinion and the wonderful thought of a second season.

So long story short we’ve had 12 episodes of teenagers dying violently and didn’t learn diddly squat about anything. Kings Game is over.

For now….


2 thoughts on “Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Demise (End/Grudge) [END]”

  1. “So long story short we’ve had 12 episodes of teenagers dying violently and didn’t learn diddly squat about anything. ” That’s a fair assessment really of the story here. Though this ending was kind of expected from a few episodes back because it just didn’t seem likely that they were actually going to manage to get out of this in any meaningful way.

    1. Yeah it was pretty obvious that they weren’t going to actually solve it when the first game became such a big point of the season even though it was just a flash back and then that ended with absolutely 0 clues or new knowledge really. If there really is a season 2 I don’t know whether it would be worth watching because you couldn’t trust it to be more then what this season was.

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