Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Advance (Forward/Invade)

Episode 11

“Zenshin” (前侵)

8 hours have passed and it looks like Nobuaki is the furthest away from the summit. What will his punishment be?

I guess my review for this episode is going to be a short one.

Its short because its obvious from the start what was going to happen. Natsuko gets there first and because she wants to be the one that wins she’s going to do her best to make sure no one else reaches the end of the game.

We see the nasty side of anyone that has a nasty side, we see that innocence and niceness doesn’t disappear in all humanity just because your life is on the line and then when the finishing line is in sight we see those who just have no hope doing their best to destroy it in others.

I say this because we know that Natsuko has been in a game before. We found that out. Her family has been plagued with them. Her father, her sister and now she has twice. The game kills everything. She’s seen that.

What we finally found out is that when Nobuaki’s first game ended with Chiemi killing herself for him to survive the final message wasn’t that he was free it was the choice between continuing Kings Game or being punished. It kind of makes the first episode make more sense, the reason he was so against kissing Natsuko was because he wanted the game to end, the reason she kissed him was because she wanted it to continue.

Why did she?

I mean its something we haven’t really talked about in the reviews, the fact that with every passing bit of information on Natsuko her original actions are so strange. She’s the complete opposite of Nobuaki. His unwillingness to survive is because he knows if they don’t figure out what the Kings Game is the game will never end and if he continues to survive he’ll continue to see people he knows and cares about dying. They made him part of their class, he honestly felt part of them but when the game started and he admitted to knowing about it he was attacked, he’s seen the worst and the best of people and survived it all and doesn’t want to lose anyone else so dying himself seems a better option.

I guess Nobuaki is smart enough to know it’ll all just happen again if they don’t get to the bottom of it but at times he doesn’t really seem to be trying very hard.

Natsuko on the other hand either has absolute hope that one more game will free her or else she just enjoys it.

Why does she enjoy it?

Who knows.

Maybe its just her personality. She did horrible things to survive and its turned her into someone that will do anything to survive whilst we know that Nobuaki from the original game did everything to save others and has a chip on his shoulder about not being able to save everyone.

Two very different people both who really deep down knows that game isn’t going to end any time soon and both approaching the game in completely different ways. With the finishing line in sight, Natsuko in the way and like 30 seconds to go its hard to see how this will end.


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