DEFIANT Wrestling : Defiant #1

So finally getting up to date with DEFIANT wrestling. Three shows to catch up with going into the new year. Their first PPV was amazing and it really feels like a new start for them.

Winner : Travis Banks

Two of the big personality changes from the WCPW era going into the DEFIANT era are Banks and Starr. The usually playful and happy David Starr doesn’t even want his nicknames read out, the cocky and arrogant Travis Banks is just coming for a fight with none of the Prestige bullshit behind him (yeah I’m that kind of fan, when all my favourites left it is all bullshit.)

As good as Starr is as the fun loving good guy he’s quite scary as the angry bad guy and the match was just a brawl. Both Starr and Banks can go at a million miles a hour and make it look so easy. I really like the angry David Starr though and Travis Banks just wrestling and doing what he does best.

After the match the Prestige come down to take out Banks and they recruit David Starr but before they can do anything to injure Banks the CCK show up to save him.

Winner : Millie McKenzie

It was a shocker.

The match was built up like it was going to build Roxxy up as the next challenger for the title. McKenzie didn’t come out to music, Kennedy just babbled on and on about Roxxy and to be fair she had the majority of the offence but when McKenzie changed the tide it was over quite fast.

That isn’t to say it was bad it was actually brilliant.

Roxxy still looks like the future of DEFIANT wrestling. She’s young, as Kennedy kept saying, she’s got a great character and she’s dynamite in the ring. A losing streak might do well, not a Kidd-esque streak of course, but just losing to new faces that don’t even get entrance music or even just a few losses to McKenzie could be a great story to bring out a aggressive side to Roxxy.

The best bit is though we have a no nonsense female who looks like she could destroy the female locker room. I’m not saying she’s the best female we’ve seen in WCPW/DEFIANT wrestling but she just gets on with the business in the ring. We have a lot of cool characters in the female division and it’ll be nice to have one lady who just gets in the ring and wins.

It was a short match but a good one.


He blames Travis Banks for the Prestige breaking up and that is why he’s targeting him. Basically all it is.

Winners : Liam Slater & Pastor William Eaver

I still don’t like Kidd and Ameen and I don’t feel like they are really out to save their friend. I do love the whole feel, imagery and attitude of Eaver I just wish Slater was a better actor. I mean I adore Liam Slater and his sad, lost little boy look is my everything but I feel like he needs to act more like he really is under some kind of spell when he’s with Eaver. He does it sometimes but when Bradshaw is babbling on about him being in a trance and he doesn’t look like it it just doesn’t work.

It was a good match. I don’t think its been the strongest start for Slater and Eaver and that is because of Ameen, he’s too much of a comedy wrestler that he just fails miserably to make this feel important. Him and Kidd are meant to be angry and worried about Slater and he doesn’t come across as either. The matches aren’t showing off either the story or making Eaver seem important enough for the character he is playing.

Jurn Simmons comes out and interferes giving Slater and Eaver the win before dragging Ameen away. Lets hope he keeps him. This will be so cool if Eaver is recruiting. The stable they can have!


You know these two are wonderful. They have such great personalities and they make a great team. I want to see them working together but their point on being the best singles wrestlers are right and I can’t wait to see what happens after this brief spell together. I can’t wait to see how this all shakes out.


So it was meant to be Kirby vs Scurll but Aries attacked Kirby before he got to the ring and demanded a match himself. Stu Bennett comes out to tell Aries he isn’t getting a title match just for Scurll to come out. Scurll not one to back down for a fight decides to accept the challenge instead so our main event changes.

Winner : Austin Aries

Its a match I’ve never honestly even thought about. Even with the iPPV I didn’t really put my brain to the imaginative task of thinking about a match between Aries and Scurll.

It really is a PPV worthy main event match but really kicked off the new weekly shows so well. The attempted suplex moment in the middle of the match with Scurll getting bored and taking them out with a arm breaker was just wonderful, Scurll’s skulduggery messing up him winning was perfect and the fact he nearly lost to a low below with his own umbrella was great.

Actually surprised that Aries won but man does it make DEFIANT wrestling and the IPW invasion so interesting.


Really good start to their weekly shows. Once more it changed the landscape significantly. Aries is a new guy, new blood and we all know what Austin Aries is like. The top of the mountain is completely different from where it even was one show ago.

Love the new attitude on Starr, its going to be fantastic to see a heel Starr running around throwing his toys out of the pram but has he joined the Prestige? I think it would be a good thing, I don’t think you need to lose the Prestige completely yet as they are a fantastic group and having that kind of group around is slightly important.

Hoping so much that Simmons has joined Eavers, again its that kind of group that needs to expand, to make Eavers threatening, especially after the slow start thanks to ending up feuding with Ameen, you need to see his poison spread. Its one reason that the Wyatt Family, which is a concept that really could go so far, failed in some respects. Bray Wyatt became the preacher of two and at one point three people but he never converted others and he didn’t feel threatening for what he was going on about.

The tag team division is looking healthy again and I can’t wait to see what happens with so many faces in that division.

Plus the women’s division looks like its going to get a shake up as well which is the biggest positive there is.

Makes you really excited to be a DEFIANT Wrestling fan.

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