5 Things…. 5 New Year Resolutions I’m not gonna keep

So every Thursday we’re going to try and do a 5 things… Thing. We couldn’t come up with a jazzy name or anything so 5 Things was it. We have a bunch of topics but it seemed so boringly right to do a blog ragging on New Year Resolutions and naming a few, or as you guessed it 5, that I’ve made in my life that I failed and which just about everyone makes and fails.

Just so you know this will be replacing the extremely badly thought out Perfect 10s in which we managed to produce one blog then never think of another 10 things to write about. Its much easier sticking to 5. We are still struggling with 5 though.

5. Meet New People

This really isn’t one I tend to make but people I know are always bleeting on about this new year being the year that they meet Mr/Mrs Right or are going to make more friends and get a wider social circle.

One very good reason this one never seems to stick is simply that people think they need this but in actual fact usually you’ll end up with the same old friends, maybe some years you’ll find one or two more to add but having a large social circle means nothing compared to the quality of said circle. Plus when it comes to relationships not trying always works a damn sight better then forcing it.

To be honest I think why this one is usually a failure is because its more a joke one. More of a “I’m drunk and this is what I’m going to say.” For those who mean it sometimes they put too much into doing it and end up failing through working on it too much.

4. New Skills

I know Anna spends a lot of time deciding that she’s going to get better at drawing at this time of the year but actually a lot of people tend to decide to learn something new as the new year starts.

For me this is probably one of the easiest ones to keep because usually its just something small like drawing every day, getting better at writing and in general but when it means going to classes and actually really learning something it tends to be dropped when the price starts to come through. Its easy to say you’ll learn a new language but the effort just to find somewhere to learn it, to get the books and such like tends to make you lose interest not soon after you’ve spent the money and the effort.

Keeping it simple will get you far, its the elaborate skills that people lose with.

3. Give X up

People use the new year to give up their bad habits whether its drinking, smoking or eating chocolate.

The drinking and the chocolate usually never works out though seeing that after Christmas and New Year you usually have a cupboard full of both still either uneaten presents or booze you over spent on.

Like everything though if you are only making this decision on a whim because its New Years then you’ll never find the willpower to keep it going. Its as good a time as any to make the decision to quit but if its only for the shits and giggles of doing something for the New Year it just will never get anywhere.

2. Go to the Gym

It isn’t a personal one of mine, I’ve never even muttered the need to go to a gym in my life, I’d much rather never go to the gym but a lot of people make a Resolution to go in a bid to get healthier.

Gym nuts are always miserably telling us online how the gyms are full in January of people who won’t be there by the middle of January, maybe to a point that bad attitude puts some people who have made the decision to be healthier and go off sticking to the Resolution.

1. Eat Healthy

I mean to be honest it was a toss up between going to the gym and eating healthy. For me its always eating healthy. I’ve never said I’d go to the gym but in my younger days, when these things were cool, I’d always say that I wanted to get healthier by changing my diet.

Then again over the holidays there are so many sweets and stuff left over that making that decision in January is bound to fail. Plus like with any health related thing if you make it on a whim it just ain’t going to stick.


So in conclusion I guess the reason most Resolutions don’t work is because its a trend. Make up something to make yourself a better person. Because you don’t actually want to and its more a whim because everyone else is doing it. Specially when it comes to changing yourself. That isn’t to say it doesn’t work for everyone, determined people will come up with proper goals and use a Resolution as a way of motivating themselves. A New Year a New Start as they say.

If you can’t make these changes in August you aren’t going to be making them in January.

It doesn’t really take will power to keep a Resolution but maybe pick actual goals with a framework to achieve them that you actually want as a Resolution other then the vague “be better” stuff we always pick.

I didn’t make any Resolutions this year and as you can guess the people I know tend to have the same old same Resolutions so I’d be interested to hear any interesting ones anyone has and whether or not you have a actual plan on completing them?


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