Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Race (Evil/Run)

Episode 10

“Kyōsō” (凶走)

We are getting close to the end now and it isn’t looking good for the group that remains. Its obvious that there will now be some kind of race by the title alone but when you can’t even trust the people around you anymore and some of them have seen the absolute most despairing things they’d ever hope to see it is only a matter of time before the 10 remaining students trickles down to the sole survivor.

I doubt many more will survive then one IF even one survives this time.

They have a day to run to the summit of some mountain with every 8 hours the person furthest away from it will be punished. Its a weird test of endurance but also kind of showed us where the survivors are at.

Natsuko obviously did a runner and we’re assuming is the closest to the summit, she is after all a sprinter anyway and seems like her determination to survive will get her to the top full stop. Takuya has given up on team work and throws Masatoshi down the stairs to get ahead of him and is basically second closest.

Nobuaki as you guessed keeps up the rear.

As a character Nobuaki is a bit of a mess. I don’t mean it in the obvious he’s a mess because shit happened to him and he deserves to be one, he’s a mess in that one minute he’s preaching to keep hope alive and the next he’s sacrificing himself because he himself doesn’t have hope. I think Masatoshi does call him out on that but it continues with the “I don’t want to die/shit my dead girlfriend wants me to survive I must survive” kind of thing. Whilst it isn’t something that annoys me greatly it made for a bit of a messy episode.

He stuck by the injured Masatoshi, he motivated Aimi who was willing to die on her own, he helped bring Ryou around to move his ass and he stuck by Riona the whole way, when the 8 hours pass and Masatoshi already dead he’s certain that he’s in final position.

As he is the main character and I doubt he’s going to die I am guessing the punishment is going to be less a death penalty and more something else, that or it’ll be a tale of the tortoise and the hare and someone who was in front has lagged behind and gets punished instead. The thing is the two people who seem determined to figure out what is going on right at the end of this episode are the two we think are most likely to die, after all Riona isn’t going to suddenly speed up anytime soon so unless the main group turn their backs on each other or someone cripples Takuya in revenge of Masatoshi then Riona is going to be next to die if the punishment is death and the anime swerves and the main character dies in the penultimate episode.

Which brings everything back to the anime being very rushed and nothing really feeling fleshed out. We’ve only just meet Riona who feels like a important piece of the story, out of all the ghosts Nobuaki saw in this episode the only one I had any connection to was Teruaki and that was purely because the two episodes where he was important they made him feel important and really built him up so his death affected us.

Right now I want to know what happens but I’m not jumping to the next episode in anticipation hoping for a way out for Nobuaki and Riona. I’m just interested if we’ll ever find out what is going on with only two episodes left to go.


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