Inside No. 9 : Zanzibar

Inside No.9 is back for their fourth series. Starting off with a stay on the ninth floor of Hotel Zanzibar.

If you needed any proof of Shearsmith and Pemberton’s absolute genius then Zanzibar is it. We’ve had so many delightful moments so far with Inside No. 9 but I think Zanzibar has really shown their way with words.

Just like a Shakespearean play the whole episode was in Iambic Pentameter and was perfectly acted by such a tremendous cast. Shakespeare would have been proud.

It had confusion, jokes about sex, doppelgangers, confusion, a plot to murder royalty but in the end it kind of all worked out. To be honest in the biggest twist of Inside No.9 so far everything ends well! At one point you think the couple would break up, the guy would probably have his private parts ripped off by a hooker, Mr Green would kill himself and Rico would be killed. The only person to end in a tragedy was the villain of the piece and the man plotting to kill Rico, Henry. Even that ended in comedy with a wonderful performance of the Hokey Cokey.

The cast really were what brought this wonderfully genius script to life though.

Jaygann Ayeh was the stand out for me, as Fred the porter he was pretty much the narrator for the majority of the episode and delivered his lines in a perfectly cheeky and chirpy way that even when the darker moments of the show were coming to the surface kept the light hearted feel going. His partner in crime in some ways was the wonderful maid Colette played by Helen Monk who played much the same role as her boyfriend Fred in so much as he was doing his best to bring some sort of love to Rico and she was trying to do the same for Gus. The two played perfect sprites keeping the mischievous and up beat feel going all throughout.

Rory Kinnear had the difficult task of playing twin brothers separated at birth Prince Rico and Gus, two very different parts played so well that at no point could you confuse the two different characters. He might have played them both but he breathed so much life into the two that the pompous Rico and sweet, love struck Gus were as different as you could possibly get. Their father who had given them up for adoption just so happened to be on the same floor as the two contemplating suicide, played by Bill Paterson it was a strange addition to the craziness going around. It took me a while to realise he was talking about killing himself, just a miserable old man in the middle of the corridor. A happy ending for him as he doesn’t kill himself because he meets the two twins he had to give up.

I really thought it was good fun and I forgot that Inside No. 9 always has a twist and it wasn’t until I thought about it that I realised what the twist was and how different and fun it was.

It was a chaotic comedy, a comedy of mistakes. It was honestly one of my favourite episodes of Inside No. 9 of all time.

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