DEFIANT Wrestling : We Are Defiant

I know I missed the last two episodes of Loaded and never caught up. Lets just forget that. I also know I’m extremely late even watching this iPPV, I’ve just been busy. But here we are at the start of a new era, I’ve just signed up to Access Defiant and now I’m paying £7.99 a month for it I might as well continue with my reviews of the shows.


So with the brand change comes the very important change of belt and also just as important putting their own stamp on the roster.

Scurll doesn’t get a second to actually say anything about getting the belt before we are shocked, or not if you’d seen twitter leading up to the show because I forgot it was this week but I’d seen that Aries was coming before Monday, by the arrival of Austin Aries.

The whole thing was a bit flat to be honest. Not helped by the mics being so low which is a normal thing for these streams. I’m no Aries fan, like I appreciate that he’s bloody fantastic but I’ve never been a fan of his, so him being the new roster member didn’t bother me. I also didn’t watch the final two Loaded episodes so I guess I confused myself because its like a fresh thing in my memory Marty becoming champion and it isn’t quite as new as I think it is.

Stu the Snake Bennett though is my new favourite thing.

Winners : 

It was a interesting match. You had the two much bigger and stronger men in Coffey and Gunn against the much faster SCC. The dynamic was very much trying to re-establish Gunn and Coffey as faces, people the crowd could get behind and will want to see just destroy people. Something they should have been focused on when it comes to Coffey even when he was a heel.

Moments like Coffey picking Gunn up on his shoulders and doing the big swing on Sixx was just amazing.

SCC are always highly impressive and fun to watch but the match felt like it was purely there to remind us why we should love Gunn and Coffey. Nice little pre-show match and a nice new direction for two of my absolute favourites.


Winner : Mike Bailey
Count : Starr 0 // Bailey 2

Bailey has grown on me a lot since the first time I saw him and his matches against Starr have been two of my favourites featuring him. He brought out a much more vicious side to Starr and the match was non-stop from bell to bell.

It was the showman vs the martial artist and there were times like when he hit the Product Recall on Bailey then went for a count out instead of staying on top of him that you know that his showmanship and fun loving attitude was going to be his downfall.

For the first match of the main show it was something special, I am slightly surprised they didn’t go 1 all and have a third match but it was a good win for Bailey which gave us a decent heel turn for Starr who threw the best tantrum I’ve ever seen, including stamping up the ramp, after losing.

I now like Bailey but I can’t say I am excited for Bailey vs ZSJ,


So this is something I missed not watching Loaded but I have to say that I like crazy shit like this so I was all for it. His look and his music made me excited. Unfortunately he didn’t really suit it when I heard him start talking which is a shame. I didn’t give up on it though especially as the story line includes the man I think is going to be the most exciting thing for Defiant in the early parts of 2018 in Liam Slater.

Eaver feels like he tried too hard to be creepy pastor guy and it didn’t work. It felt too forced even if it is his normal speaking voice. His look is great but his charisma doesn’t really feel right, he didn’t have the right aura when he opened his mouth.

Then again…. He was better then when Prince Ameen came down to the ring and started rambling. The horrible thing is that Ameen does have the right charisma for his character I just don’t like him.

Gabriel Kidd vs Liam Slater might be a great thing.

One thing I will say about this is that they very much shouldn’t have had Kidd and Ameen coming down this week. Maybe I missed a good promo wit Eaver and Slater but it felt like Ameen and Kidd stole his thunder, and trust me Ameen should NEVER be stealing ANYONE’S thunder. In the end they make the match for basically the right over who gets to tell Liam Slater what to do….

Because that kind of what it was.


Eaver is much better in the ring then he is on the mic. Whilst I think he has potential to do this story right at the same time I’m kinda at a loss with him right now. He’s so good in the ring that I don’t get why he wants to bring in Slater, which has probably been better explained before this show.

This match though was great. They just kind of beat each other up and it was so good.

The story didn’t work though because Liam Slater isn’t a good actor. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to count a three count for Kidd though because they weren’t given enough time before being interrupted Slater just kind of come across as painting by numbers heel turn to the creepy Pastor when it could have been a lot more. I feel the spotlight being moved from Eavers and Slater pre-match ruined the story of the match itself.

Loved the match though. Really interested to see what Eavers and Slater do next and the post-match beat down of Ameen was perfectly done. It was kinda creepy.

Winner : Jurn Simmons

I like Drake a lot and he’s come a long way but this match always kinda felt like Simmons match. I do have to admit that it kind of bored me a little and I didn’t pay that much attention to it. I like both but I don’t think the two of them worked well together.

The Piledriver was about the only thing I remember from the match even though I’ve just watched it.

Winner : Primate

A match I wish I could ignore in a good way. Jimmy Havoc is a master of crazy things, him sending Primate to get a beer and the two of them drinking and slapping each other made me forget that he was probably going to do something just…. Unspeakable seconds later and he did. With a staple gun.

As you could guess they didn’t stay in the ring for long and Primate even found something high to climb onto and jump off of. These two are scary when they get going and as we are reminded every ten seconds they are tag team champions. I know that Coffey and Gunn are big, bad and could kick everyone’s ass single handedly if they wanted but they are not sick buggers like these two.

The DDT to the side of the ring by Havoc actually kinda scared me.

Somehow, SOMEHOW, they didn’t kill themselves and Primate kept the belt. Love those two.

Winner : Kay Lee Ray

Scott went after KLR before the match even started. A good strategy as you can guess but it didn’t really do much. In fact the whole beginning part was really weak in the end, I think because Scott isn’t quite as fluid as KLR in what she does and her character isn’t very natural so it just felt messy. When it gets into the ring it was again once more pretty messy.

After that it was pretty good. KLR was on another level to Scott who made the match feel like it dragged and made it very stodgy.

I could happily never watch Scott again, or at least for a few months. Lots of potential but so many times she just made the match hard to watch. I don’t like the Gory Bomb (Glory Bomb? Whatever it is) its such a messy looking move and KLR just couldn’t seem to get Scott into it properly. Its cool when it actually works but she hit it three times and all three times it just kind of looked terrible.

Winner : Travis Banks

As the full stop to Banks as part of the Prestige it was a great match.

Completely biased when it comes to Travis Banks, the guy is seriously one of the best talents DEFIANT Wrestling have. His kicks are so crisp and he’s one of those guys that no matter what is happening to them he can reverse it in a heartbeat and take their opponent down.

Travis Banks was always too good to be playing second fiddle to Hendry and this match really proved it, he dominated for the majority of it and he was just fantastic.

Winner : Marty Scurll

Probably the perfect main event for the change from WCPW to DEFIANT. Three of the wrestlers that really defined WCPW. Hendry has grown from everyone’s favourite loser to the main villain of WCPW. His atrocious actions has left a trail of destruction on 2017. Martin Kirby is just everyone’s favourite, from feuding with Adam Pacitti and becoming GM to winning the title just to losing it. You can’t help but get behind the eccentric Kirby. Then there is Marty Scurll. He is just too cool to dislike, his pantomime villainy means everyone loves him no matter how naughty he’s being. Three of the most talented men on the roster thrown together to fight for the new championship.

It was the match of the night by far. Perfectly timed and with some great moments.

I loved how aware each wrestler always was. If someone stuck a submission on one guy then the other guy was there to slap one on too or in the case of the Chicken Wing to Martin Kirby, Hendry was ready to pin both Kirby and Scurll to attempt to win the championship. I loved that move so much just because it was the perfect bad guy thing to do but also showed how desperate and intelligent each guy was to win.

In the end there was powder thrown in the face of Kirby and a Chicken Wing win for Scurll on Hendry.

The story going forward though is the invasion of IPW. Aries was meant to have a exclusive deal with IPW which obviously was changed so he could wrestle at DEFIANT but it seems he’s bringing IPW with him in some kind of invasion as after the match Mark Haskins and Chris Ridgeway attacked Martin Kirby just for Aries to come out to make the save and then attack Kirby himself.

Really interested in that story line. Anything that introduces me to more promotions and wrestlers is always a happy thing.


For a first show under a new brand I think it was really good.

Did I miss something with the Prestige though? At some point I might need to watch the last two Loaded episodes because I feel I’ve missed way too much.

They did their best to move on from WCPW and make their own product with the same people. The new story for Liam Slater and just that strange/scary imagery with Eaver. The break up of the group that had been dominating WCPW and carrying on the reign of Scurll instead of handing it back to Hendry or giving it to Kirby. The change for Starr, Banks, Coffey and Gunn as well as the end of the battle between Havoc and Primate which will see them properly united as a team. With Bennett at the helm to it really does feel like something different.

I’m looking forward to so many future matches and stories. I want to see what happens with the IPW invasion, Bailey vs ZSJ could be interesting, Starr turning to his anger is something I can’t wait to see and the shake up all over the roster is going to bring new dynamics in the coming weeks.

This is a true win for DEFIANT though it isn’t the best PPV they’ve had. They have a good foundation to build from and it’ll no doubt only get better.

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