Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Solidarity (Wedge/Binds)

Episode 9

“Kusabi taba” (楔束)

The game is getting tricky and there is a plan afoot that we have yet to see come to fruition. It’ll be interesting to see what it is that Teruaki is planning on doing.

I really liked this episode for a lot of reasons. It brought you closer to the characters, it really showed the dark side to Natsuko and whilst I don’t really get the stuff with Natsuko and Aimi, in a ham-fisted way I believe its trying to do exactly as it said but I don’t know. It was all about the trauma and how people kind of turn off their brain when dealing with trauma.

Aimi agreed to the whole thing because she wanted to test Natsuko and see if they were truly friends, Teruaki gave -4 points to Natsuko and -1 to Aimi. Natsuko would go before Aimi and being her best friend obviously could give up one finger to save Aimi, instead it was up to Aimi to break all her fingers for Natsuko who just so happened to demand it of her. When she refused Natsuko broke her fingers for her and Aimi did as she was told.

I get it and I think it was interesting but it also was too wordy and too in your face. Sure Aimi being in trauma makes sense but she literally had Natsuko saying “I’m going to make her do what I want” in her face and still did it. I just don’t think anyone in any kind of trauma would do that. I’m amazed she was even conscious to make a decision.

It didn’t just let up with that though. The plan might have worked if it wasn’t for the fact that Natsuko wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

Poor Teruaki never noticed that the scheming bitch had blocked the Kings number from his phone meaning he’d disobeyed/broke a rule and was punished, in a absolutely horrible scene we see his demise and in a even more horrifying scene we see Ryou, who had gone out to buy a hat for Teruaki, hugging the bloodied and headless corpse of his friend unable to believe what he’s seen.

By far the most horrific episode of the series it just never lets up, when you think that the drama and the killing is going to stop for one second and we’re going to get somewhere on the actual story it just blows up once again in your face. Everything is just batshit crazy and death is always seconds around the corner.

It doesn’t just have to be death though, the majority of scenes in this episode were heart wrenching, hard to watch or just downright nasty. From Teruaki destroying his dreams and his hands, to Aimi being brutalised to just being reminded that these are kids with potential and dreams that are being forced to die in a game that by everything we know is unwinnable. Natsuko and Nobuaki both have been in a game before, it started off in a village and has grown to be so much more. No one knows how its happening or what is really going on. You have to look at the survivors of the last day or so and remember that the majority of them will be dead sooner then later.

Just a horrible episode in general.


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