Week 1 Question : How do you know your perceptions are real?

At first I felt like I was the wrong person to answer this question and then I tried to think like Anna and I realized that actually maybe I’m the perfect person to answer this question.

We’re so certain of everything we see or hear that anything out of the ordinary can be explained away so easily, like it was the wind, when in actuality there is no explanation.

There are so many stories out there now that tell us how as we grow up we lose magic, lose the ability to see fairies and the like and wouldn’t believe something magical if it happened in front of our eyes.

Does our ability to rationalize everything mean we lose the ability to actually use our senses? Does our perception on reality become based on what we’re told to expect?

For most of you the answer would be no. It would be nice if we could see magical things as a kid but our perception of reality stays unchanged and for some people its the imagination that we have that morphs based on the way our personalities grow. Someone who wanted to be a wizard as a kid might as a teenager decide they want to be a lawyer and lose that spark of magic inside of them. Its life but it isn’t our perception of the world that changes.

Have you ever wondered why everyone has a different perception of the world around them?

It was thinking of Anna and how me and her see things differently that made me realize that maybe we do desensitize ourselves and make the world around us comfortable. Something I see can be seen differently by others because I see the world through the perception I’ve built for myself. Because I’m comfortable with who I am and turn to my imagination at home when I want to lose myself from the real world I see the world differently from someone whose imagination runs wild 24/7. It can make the world the most beautiful place or the most scary.

For example I can go to a beauty spot and agree that its the most beautiful thing because I know that is the point whereas Anna can walk down a side alley and see beauty and magic and then go home and write about it.

Not sure if I’ve answered the question because I’m scared to admit that I might actually look at the world through a lens of normality to keep me safe. My perception of the world around me might be skewered because I block out the things I don’t want to see. All those stories might be true but instead of blocking out fairies and gnomes it just means I look at the world in a monochrome instead of the bright and wonderful world it probably really is.


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