Diary #20 : New Year, Same Old Me….

This isn’t like a really depressing blog post or anything I just couldn’t come up with a fancy title, which is kind of 2017 summed up.

Just going to take this moment to talk about some ups and downs of he last year and were we as a group and me personally are planning on going in 2018.

2017 has been a absolute chore for all of us on here. Whilst I can’t really talk about other people and their personal business what I can talk about is the loss of Pete. Now Pete might not have posted a whole lot especially leading up to his sad death but he was a important part of our group. We tend to work as a group to get just about anything done and Pete was genuinely my best friend in the world. Losing him was a big blow to all our motivations at a time when most of us were unmotivated anyway.

Away from losing my best friend I’ve also gone insane over a crush I have, at no point in 2017 did that get better though I did at least open up and tell the person about it which in some ways seems to have given us a better relationship at work.

Still miserable about it though, it still hurts like hell and I still wish I didn’t feel that way.

All this meant that we tried so hard, and our drafts will prove that, to be as productive as we were last year and to better what we did last year. If only we could get away with posting what we leave in the drafts we’d have tripled the amount of blogs we did and it would be awesome.

We actually failed compared to 2016 but we’re back again trying to rebuild from what we’ve learnt.

I’m planning on refocusing my entire free time to the blog. We have at least one weekly blog that we have no excuses not to get out and we’re trying as hard as we can to come up with more fun and exciting content. Anime will obviously be once again the thing we fall back on because even when its late we tend to get it done in our own time, we’re hoping to have more blogs talking about certain aspects of anime’s like our Kiznavier one, just in general trying to open up discussions on things we find interesting.

My biggest challenge is these blogs. I want to bring back the weekly play list blog because I really did love that idea but Diary #20 has about 7 different topics in the drafts, as always I start writing about something then drift off topic and never finish them. I want to try and focus everything and get them out at least monthly even if they are just a bunch of random rambles.

We did one perfect 10 blog last year that people seemed to like but then struggled with any other topic we came up with to find 10 of anything so we’re going to be doing a a similar thing with just 5 things which shouldn’t be so hard.

With Photobucket deciding not to allow third party hosting unless you pay for it we ended up having to delete a lot of pages that we used to have but we’re hoping to do something to make it easier once more to find things like our most recommended anime and the like.

Our most important goal is once again to not just bring people to the blog but have people want to interact and come back. Its nice that our daily views have stayed steady even without us posting but now its all about getting the content out there and making people want to talk to us about it.

That’s about it, before I go off into something completely off topic. 2018 will probably be more of the same. Life gets in the way, I’ll be super depressed because I’m in love with someone who will never love me back, we say we’re trying and we really are but it just doesn’t work out.

Thank you to all those who have put up with us during 2017 and will continue to put up with us in 2018. I hope you all had a lovely time over the holidays and keep with us during 2018!

2 thoughts on “Diary #20 : New Year, Same Old Me….”

  1. I think I have the most drafts in that folder! Its kind of depressing logging in and seeing it. Think I need to clear it fast!

    Happy New Year to my Banana xxxxxx Hope you have a wonderful 2018 😀

  2. Happy new year to all of you. I’ve missed the wrestling blogs and missed seeing you on Tumblr. Hope the new year is better to you all.

    RIP Pete

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