Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Eternity (Forever/Dread)

Episode 7

“Eien” (永厭)

Things start to get desparate as the day draws to a end, will Nobuaki be able to save them all?

The sad truth is no he won’t be able to.

Its kind of a boring episode, it  felt stretched too long. We find out that Natsuko is actually the sister of Chiemi and they came from this village, their father returned to apologise to them but it doesn’t really make anything else clear. It isn’t really about the village or Natsuko.

What the episode really is about is Kenta and Mizuki.

Problem is whilst you don’t want at least Kenta to die its inevitable from about mid-episode and even if it wasn’t inevitable it didn’t have enough in it to make you want to watch as much of the episode as was dedicated to them.

Mizuki was doomed from the moment she smashed her phone and her abrupt personality change in this episode might have made a little bit of sense if it had been built just a small amount more. Instead she runs off and after feeling hopeless but finding out that Kenta feels about her the way she feels about him she suddenly is all about Romeo and Juliet-ing themselves to say a big F you to the game.

Just Kenta is trying to save her and doesn’t take it well.

Their final moments at the end of the episode are kind of touching and if the present day characters had been given even a smidge of the love that the ones that are already dead did then I might have been extremely moved by them reaching out for each other as they pass away but not being able to quite reach.

It was overshadowed by the only half decent part of the episode though which was the absolute desperation of the other guys to obey their orders. One girl murders her whole family in a attempt to lose something of importance but fails as she refuses to kill her dog whilst another is doing her best to have a dead guy grope her breast.

For the whole series to work we need more like that. Making it about single moments isn’t working. We know that the kids from the last game all died so focusing on their story was OK but didn’t really do much to help the story as a whole. Now we need to see the desperation and the pain on these people to care about their struggle in a way. I don’t even care about the names of the two characters mentioned above, what happened happened and made me uneasy because its obvious at least one of them just couldn’t win no matter what but she’s just a face in a mob of people that were changeable and therefore more like a flock of sheep then a group of people.

Then again I have to wonder about someone who would murder their whole family but not their dog….

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