Alice to Zouroku : The Kashimura Family

Episode 6

“Kashimura Kazoku” (樫村家)

With the threat at the moment neutralized we get to spend sometime with Sana, Sanae and Zouroku at home safe and sound!

One of my absolute favourite episodes so far and it just really showed what I said in the last episode about Sana and her relationship with Zouroku.

She can’t go to school yet so Zouroku takes her to work, from there she gets to learn little by little different things from what engagements and marriage is to simply looking where she’s walking because her hair is so long she trips on it. Zouroku tries to teach her not to use her magic for the littlest of things and during the episode its kind of a trial and error whilst she figures this out for herself.

Its fun seeing Sana interact with various different people and trying to piece things like “What is a family” together from what she’s told. After the girl tells her getting married is basically making someone you love part of your family and Sanae telling her that she’s part of their family I thought she was going to ask one of them to marry her, in the end the joke does pop back up at the end when Zouroku gets the adoption papers and her and Sanae are dancing and she asks if this means they are getting married but she didn’t actually ask to be engaged to anyone which I think is a missed joke right there.

When Sana goes for her haircut and wanders off and gets lost it actually broke my heart a little but the thing is kids DO wander off and get lost. It happens even with the most diligent of adults. I love how she tries to work out how to get unlost on her own without using her powers and whilst the moral of the story is “with great power comes great responsibility” or some such watching her growing as a character is absolutely the best.

It was just a really sweet episode, when she did get lost I was worried some other bad guy was going to show up and we were going to start another story of her going missing and stuff so I’m happy that didn’t happen though I am sad that we’re probably gonna get another story like that now we enter the second half of the season.


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