Alice to Zouroku : A Home to Return To

Episode 5

“Kaeru Tokoro” (帰るところ)

After calling Zouroku to her location Minnie C gets more then she bargained for and in the end Sana and Zouroku are saved in the nick of time.

I’m amazed that the fifth episode felt more like the finale, I’m hoping this clears the way for a few sweet episodes of Sana, Sanae and Zouroku just chilling at home.

Ichijo is the biggest badass of them all though. Her fight with Minnie C could have done with a slightly longer running time but was deadly cool. Whilst Minnie C if I remember correctly had to be given her powers if we’re to believe Ichijo she just woke up one day with the power to call on weapons from some ultimate storeroom. It makes her just as cool as Minnie C but pretty impossible for someone to beat on their own. It gives you more questions about Dreams of Alice then it answers and just made me love Ichijo so much more.

Even with all the bad stuff happening the series just fills your heart with how adorable and lovely the characters are.

EVEN Minnie C.

You know the more I see her, the more I hear of her story and so on the more I feel so sorry for her. I haven’t mentioned it in a while so brace yourself BUT just two weeks without seeing the guy I’m in love with broke me, I missed him so much and I’m not even in a relationship with him. The thought of never seeing him again is unbearable and for Minnie C she was MARRIED to the guy she loved, she shared everything with him and now he’s gone. Its dreadfully sad and she is trying to fill that hole that he left.

Does it make what she does right?

Of course not but its easy to judge people who are desperate when you don’t understand their pain. I think its adorable and extremely sad what she’s putting herself through to fill the void of someone she loves and can’t see anymore.

I’d quite like to see her again one day.

By the end of the episode the facility that Sana was being kept at, the guy who had the other three kids and just about anything connected to the case has been cleared up. Sana is cleared to go home and be with Zouroku which then leads to the beautiful moment of her flying them home.

The dynamic between the two is just magical.

He started off as quite the miserable old man, even Naito says that him sounding happy is disturbing, but he actually has a big heart and whilst he can be rough with Sana he genuinely is doing so to teach her a lesson. She now knows that she isn’t technically a little girl but she wants to learn and hopefully be a real little girl and she’s with the right person because Zouroku isn’t going to sugar coat the world for her, he’s going to make her work for it like we all do. Our understanding of the world around us comes from us living in it and learning. We get told to be careful because a rose has thorns on it but it isn’t until we get pricked that we really understand to be careful and even then we’ll make that mistake countless times before we die but each time we’re mindful of the lesson’s we’re learnt. Zouroku can come across as a hard ass but his heart is in the right place and that place is making sure that she doesn’t get hurt. He knows well enough that she has to be pricked by a few thorns before she learns so he isn’t going to just TELL her to be careful.

It really is why I love this series even if its taken me a lifetime to review it.



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