Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Revolt (Counter/Oppress)

Episode 6

“Hangyaku” (反虐)

Finally having caught up, because this is the point that I’m caught up even if its out after the next episode airs, we’ve got to episode 6 with absolutely nothing much happening in the present since episode 1, not even seeing what was going on in the present in episode 5 and me actually really hoping we don’t go back to the present any time soon.

Much like the last this episode culled the rest of the fat from the past. Someone had to roll a die and whatever number they rolled they had to name that amount of people to be punished and they themselves would be punished.

Of course the person was always going to roll a 6, it was always going to be either Chiemi or Naoya who had to roll, else of course Nobuaki would be named and killed, and the count would go from 10 survivors to 3. Those three being Chiemi, Naoya and Ria.

Ria didn’t last too long and we already know exactly the fate of Chiemi as we saw it at the beginning of the series. Ria’s death was kind of as stupid as Nami’s, she’s on fire hot enough to destroy her clothes but can talk like nothing is happening about her life. Its weird. Artistic and pretty but weird.

Like the task before its was designed to just kill without any kind of reason. It also helps the anime greatly because it means the second half can focus on the present and figuring out the mystery.

What we do know is that even if its a virus like some theories suggest that has gotten into computers and effects people through the texts it can’t be beaten with anti-virus stuff because that was what Ria tried.

What I’d like to know is what are the adults doing right now?!

Like all these kids are dying and we don’t see a single adult intervene and try and sort things out. A whole class is pretty much dead and there doesn’t seem to be any uproar at all. Nobuaki is able to trash his room without any consequences to that action, its just odd.

Its made worse by the fact that we actually see him telling this story to Kenta and Mizuki in a taxi without ever seeing the adult driving said taxi or hearing him call bullshit on the story or decide AGAINST taking these kids talking about everyone dying to a ruined/abandoned village…

This story seems to be completely adult free. The teachers take forever to actually show up to classes and don’t seem too concerned that their classes are dying. No adult is ever part of the game though surely it would effect adults too? Surely if it started in that village it can’t just be kids that get attacked, adults have phones as well so why isn’t it happening to adults?

There are a lot of questions that really need to be answered and I have a feeling they won’t be. There are a lot of stories like this that never really have a ending and I have a feeling this is going to be one of them. After all what exactly do we expect?


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