Inuyashiki : Yuko Shishigami

Episode 5

“Shishigami Yūko” (獅子神優子)

So this is the episode that was made from my dreams and it was more beautiful then I’d ever imagine it could be.

Remember when Ando told Hiro he didn’t want to be his friend anymore and I said that my wish was for Ando to meet Inuyashiki and realise that power doesn’t corrupt everyone and that someone out there was the hero that he’d read about in books?

Well Ando is smart enough that when he stumbles on a article about Inuyashiki’s work in the hospitals to realise that there is another person like Hiro out there and calls out for help to lure that person to his house. He meets Inuyashiki and a friendship is born.

Honestly it was the cutest thing ever. Ando in tears every time he realises that Inuyashiki is just so pure and wonderful made me cry, I even stroked my laptop screen at one point because his reaction to Inuyashiki was so cute that I just wanted to touch him.

Yeah I’m that weird kind of person so shoot me.

Them teaming up is adorable. Ando with his hero knowledge straight out of manga and his ability to think about things that Inuyashiki might never have imagined coupled with Inuyashiki’s abilities could be a great team to bring down bad guys and do good for the world. In this episode they managed to save one little boy in the hospital and make a crater in a junk yard.

It was everything I ever wanted for Ando. As I said he’s a lot like me. He hid away indulging in stories of heroes that fight the good fight whilst aware that outside his four walls were people not so good and they had targeted him. His best friend had the power to do good and instead started to kill people. Its enough to make you just give up completely. So meeting Inuyashiki is like a blessing for him in general.

In fact EVERYTHING I said about Ando was proven in this episode. He tries to phone the police and let them know what is going on but how do you put this kind of thing into words? You just can’t. So he struggles, that’s why he’s searching for some way to figure out how to describe to the police what it is that Hiro is doing.

This is also just how good the anime is. You are able to read the characters and they stay true to what your gut told you. In episode 2 or 3 I was saying this episode should happen and it did happen in nearly the exact way I thought it would because they made a character like Ando stay true to everything they installed in him. Whilst its easy to say he just got rid of Hiro and it was no big deal he was face to face with someone who could kill him outright for no reason. I’m just so happy this episode happened.

I’m also happy that it shed so much light on the character of Hiro.

I knew there had to be something and it seems the divorce of his mum and dad might be what has messed the kid up. His dad moved on and has a new family, a lovely big house and is happy with or without Hiro there whilst him and his mum share the same room in a run down apartment and she’s struggling whilst trying to do what is best for Hiro. When she announces she’s got pancreatic cancer and a month left to live its really sad even though I shouldn’t have any sympathy for Hiro and only just met his mother.

There are still gaps in our knowledge when it comes to the divorce and everything but at least its not just male teenager with bloodlust anymore.

When I say there are gaps we don’t know why Hiro ended up with his mother, why the parents split in the first place or how they ended up so much worse off then his father did. I mean its easy to guess why the father ended up better off, it seems that he probably left her and he probably had the better job if she even had a job in the first place. They are still gaps that would be interesting to find out but the house looks like the kind that Hiro has been targeting so its obvious that he’s got a lot of rage about his father and everything that has happened and has taken it out in the most violent of ways.

Just as Hiro decides to stop killing after hearing his mother say how she feels about the killer, and lets face it why would she like a killer that is murdering innocent people, he’s actually surrounded by police and probably captured. He didn’t seem to react fast enough to what was happening so couldn’t make any kind of escape using his cybernetics then again we already know that Inuyashiki can’t really use his but they activate when he blacks out so if them dog piling him at the end to take him in ends up with him out cold there is a possibility that something bad will happen just because he’s out cold and his body reacts.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next episode and whether or not it was Ando that turned him in.


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