Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Wail (Karma/Tears)

Episode 5

“Gōkyū” (業泣)

I honestly feel the last episode was meant to be some horrid joke. I’ll never get over the fact that Nami went blind and was able to do things that I can’t do being able to see perfectly fine, or understand what it is that girls find so attractive about paranoid and shitty person Kanazawa Nobuaki.

Whatever he has going for him he’s survived one game and trying to figure out the origins of it now with two people probably marked by psychopath Natsuko who we didn’t even see in the last episode but by now probably has raped poor little would be rapist, if Natsuko didn’t have bigger balls then him, Teruaki.

We’re quite plainly in the past now and this episode was the big cull that was kind of needed to bring some urgency to the game.

After Nobuaki gets into it with Ria who isn’t the King and wants to beat the King and will do whatever to do so, we get the order that no one is allowed to do anything “Unnecessary” that turns out to be crying. No one is allowed to cry. Three people are killed for blocking the phone number which automatically starts people crying, whilst no one knows what they aren’t meant to be doing the number increases until finally Nobuaki gets lucky whilst some poor sod puts the phone down on him, gets announced as the next person to be punished and he works out that they shouldn’t have cried.

Its commands like this that are cryptic in nature I don’t get. From a story telling point of view the no crying/sleeping rules are a way to cull a large group into a much more manageable one. In the present it worked to bring the group together, though the point of that I don’t know seeing we’ve spent most of the time in the past anyway, and make them believe what they were seeing and for the past it worked to get rid of a suitable amount of background characters that we can continue to have flashbacks that work well within the timeframe of the present but also gave us the sad story of Kaori and Yousuke. Two people who have been in love for forever, never said anything, and after Yousuke researches about the village from 30 years ago which Nobuaki never got to the first time around he dies leaving a heartbroken Kaori.

Again the scene where she takes Nobuaki hostage and nearly kills him is all played too fast and loose. It was heart breaking but it wasn’t needed and if it was needed then it needed more time and to be more believable.

Whilst the game itself is obviously not fair we didn’t really know that in the past until now. Before this WE the audience know the game is unfair because of the present and the no sleep rule but in the past if you did as you were told you didn’t get punished, punishments to this point being death if you disobey but if you just lose can be anything from being forced to out your secret crush to going blind.

And trust me Nami really over reacted to being blind. In no way can I ever see a world where I’d rather be dead then blind. I get not wanting to take part in the game anymore but the blind bit, especially when she didn’t really change that much seeing that she was able to see enough TO WRITE A MESSAGE IN THE SAND just seemed like a cop out.

Up until this point its been unfair, a bit dodgy but overall as long as you do as you are told you’ll be fine. Now its trying to understand what the King even means in the first place. Its gone from being unfair to unbeatable in some cases. How is anyone to equate “Unnecessary” with No Crying?

Plus whilst Ria is not helping herself in any way by going on about the King and calling herself the King and all this crap I feel it shows just how lovely her class is that she went through such a traumatic time and changed so dramatically yet everyone just kind of thinks she’s weird. In fact the reason that Nobuaki originally believes she could be the King is because “she’s different from us and likes things we don’t like” or something along those words. How judgemental do you have to be? In this episode you find out that she has been sexually abused by her biological father, no wonder she wants to survive. Like Natsuko she’s a survivor already and a game like this isn’t going to break them when they’ve already hit rock bottom. She’s a interesting character and its sad that we already know her fate is going to be losing to the King, I just hope before she goes she figures something out. She obviously can’t tell Nobuaki about it but it would be nice if we the audience know she knew something.

I doubt it but it would be nice.


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