One Piece : It’s Brulee!

Chapter 885

It isn’t looking good for Luffy whilst the coast is actually clear for the others to have their plans go well. Big Mom is also distracted, which seems to be easily done in one of her moods, so it looks like it’ll all go well for those outside of the mirror world.

I was right back when I said the only way I see Luffy escaping is to find Brulee and escape the Mirror world. Of course he lands on Nut Island so he’s already looking for a way BACK into the Mirror world to get away from Big Mom. He had to get away from Dogtooth as his ten minute cool down period was starting and he managed to blab that to Dogtooth as well.

Really hoping that Dogtooth gets stuck in the Mirror world for the rest of the arch and Luffy DOESN’T go back. I don’t want to see Luffy somehow defeat Dogtooth after losing to him in Gear Fourth twice, once when he was hungry and the other when he was doughnut powered.

I don’t want to see Big Mom defeated but it very much could go down that they all escape, the Sun Pirates, the Firetanks and the Straw Hats as well as the Germa who right now the Big Mom pirates think are defeated. That will be a big blow to Big Mom’s rep which means that Dogtooth, being the pillar on which Big Mom’s strength as a captain seems to rest, will be sent out with the other Sweet Commanders to avenge her name. That would be a cool way to bring back Dogtooth after Luffy has become more powerful and have him lose at a time where people actually will believe he’d lose. I just don’t see it right now, Luffy has been completely beaten twice. I don’t want to see him win.

Away from them and the cake is ready and being loaded onto the ship. Problem right now is that Big Mom is busy with Luffy, which means Luffy is going to have to go back into the Mirror world and face Dogtooth which I DON’T want to happen, so that Big Mom can get back to trying to find the cake that she’s craving. I’m not sure what they’ll actually do to bring the Sunny, Cake Crew and Big Mom altogether again but it’ll be fun to see.

At the moment its just a bit messy, I think this will be great in the anime with so much going on but it makes reading the actual chapters kinda difficult. Everything is all over the place. You kind of just want it to focus on one aspect of the story and move on now.

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