Inuyashiki : Samejima

Episode 4

“Samejima” (鮫島)

The emotional ride that is Inuyashiki will break your heart once again in what is probably the episode I’ve cried the most at so far.

Fumino Inoue is a sweet young lady who is madly in love with her plain normal boyfriend Satoru. After work the day after she gets engaged she’s coming home with The Amazing Spider-Man for them to watch and a Yakuza boss who has taken a liking to her kidnaps her, fills her up with drugs and is going to rape her.

The absolute MOMENT I saw the Yakuza boss, who started this episode off getting angry at a subordinate who let, I guess, his last victim die of a overdose and making him suck his cock until he cum, I knew that this was going to be a hard episode to watch. When he abducted Fumino I was a absolute mess and I continued to be so all episode long.

Inuyashiki saves the day of course not only by defeating the whole of the Yakuza in his city but by bringing Satoru back from the dead after Satoru did everything he could think of to save Fumino against the monstrous form of the Yakuza boss.

What I found interesting about this episode though is it introduces us to which side of the line Inuyashiki is on, its that thin line when it comes to vigilantes and heroes on where their judgement ends. Batman never kills, well until he kills but in general he’s known not to kill, Captain Kirk tends to run in shooting and you have to hope his gun is on stun, Logan can chop the shit out of whoever is in front of him… Its a line that most heroes of any kind stand on one side or the other, its never as black and white, but its there. To kill or not to kill.

In a way I think Inuyashiki’s side is much more of a punishment then anyone else’s.

He won’t kill, or at least he won’t kill unless he has to. I think his morality is programmed into the cybernetics in his body because when he is knocked unconscious the guns figured out how to paralyses and blind his enemies, it was gruesome and cruel but it was a punishment that obviously Inuyashiki decided he was morally allowed to hand out to people who have probably done much worse then what they’ve been given.

I personally don’t know if I agree with him or not.

A part of me thinks they deserve it but then the other part says when does Inuyashiki’s actions on “bad guys” make him just as bad as them?

The whole “Who Watches the Watchman” scenario.

Also whilst he was after the Yakuza this time so he’d know everyone there was up to no good what happens when he’s mistaken? What happens if he gets the wrong end of the stick and a innocent person gets hurt? Whilst his reasoning might sound OK in this one what if his punishment ends up not actually fitting the crime?

Of course I’m also aware he really had no choice in the matter.

He couldn’t tap into CCTV and hope the police and the wider community would do something about this. The Yakuza would have their links in the law and would wiggle free. With them free to move about and do whatever they want he’d become a target himself and we DO NOT need a John Wick like incident where Hanako gets murdered.

Maybe for this one time its understandable to use brute force. He didn’t kill, he gave them more life then some of their victims have and less embarrassment then other victims. He stopped them from having a life whilst forcing them to exist. Its a horrible punishment for horrible crimes that they could never be punished for. They were a danger to him and a ongoing danger to Fumino and Satoru.

It’ll be interesting to see if this develops any further, I doubt it as I do think story wise this was the only way he could save the day but its always a interesting moral dilemma to see any hero in.

One moment that made me laugh though was when Samejima, the Yakuza boss, asked Inuyashiki what he had ever done to him to deserve this…. All he had to do was leave Fumino and Satoru alone but he didn’t. What a piece of work that man was.


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