Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Breakthrough (Solutions/Hades)

Episode 4

“Kaimei” (解冥)

For me my love for this series is based on being told what happened in the past of Nobuaki’s life. The present isn’t really doing anything for me. Four episodes down and we’ve barely actually spent a day with the group that are still actually alive, still 22 survivors and I’m not sure why we’re even getting the death count at the end of each episode right now…

Well in the present Nobuaki is taking Kenta and Mizuki to the village he believes the King’s Game originated from we get yet another heart breaking story from his past.

Just this time its a bit of a odd one.

A girl named Nami gets the option to choose her own fate so believing in Nobuaki’s word that the King must be someone in their class she sets her task to be to touch the King. After feeling up the entire class and not getting the message saying she’d touched the King she knew her fate was sealed.

Now I liked the plan, I loved that it went wrong and we all knew it would else we wouldn’t be where we are now. I liked how it shone a light on the so far mysterious character of Rai who seems to have figured out the Game and how to play it even if she hasn’t figured out how to win or shown her hand. Is she a Save Everyone type or a Look Out For Number One type? We don’t know yet.

For the first time the punishment for actually not completing a task isn’t death, Nami goes bline and this is where I say its odd.

For a blind person she’s able to wander off safely, phone people and get to the beach, answer her smart phone and even write a message in the sand with no problems whatsoever. Also going from being someone we never were introduced to, to being important enough to be whatever it is of importance Nobuaki had to lose is weird.

I also didn’t like the fact that if anything in the first game this is the first time that the King made someone die for the game to move on.

Now I know the third task was someone to die but the actual task given was for the other one to give out a order and he ordered that guy to die. The King didn’t do it one of the students did. Personally I thought breaking the bracelet that he had from the guy who died in the second episode or breaking up with his girlfriend would have sufficed but nothing beeped until Nami killed herself.

Now I personally don’t believe that.

That bracelet meant something important to Nobuaki and we got the whole “I can’t sleep with your girlfriend because you love each other and I love you” speech by Naoyo followed by their crying after she raped Naoyo to prove just how important Chiemi is to Nobuaki. BUT the only way for him to win this game was for someone we’ve only just met who was in love with him not the other way round to kill herself?

Now taking away the fact that everything that happened after she went blind is just silly, she was no one to Nobuaki other then someone he didn’t want to die because he felt bad for her basically signing her own death warrant having blind, hehe, faith in him. Does that make her more important then Chiemi or the bracelet that other guy was going to give to him if he lived, yet he took it after he died because you know Nobuaki doesn’t remember what he says from second to second?

I still can’t get over the fact Nami could use a smart phone after she went blind. I can’t swipe mine properly at funny angles so how a blind person was able to perfectly swipe to accept phone calls and even just phone someone is beyond me. I guess the phoning could be explained away by voice commands but still I don’t buy it. Plus that perfectly written love note in the sand. Now I don’t know about you but if I close my eyes and just try to spell my name I’m probably going to have the letters all over the place, but Nami “finding it harder then she expected” was able to write a perfectly legible note in the sand. It was just silly.

Other then that it was a good episode.

It turned a few things on its head.

The King overtly said it wants them to hate each other so the sneeky ways it was doing that doesn’t need to carry on. Nobuaki is either going to become the leader of the group of the most suspicious of the group as he’s in the middle of everything already. He was there when one of them died, begged for the life of his friend and in some people’s eyes was the reason Kana died and now was with Nami when she died. He’s taking a leader role at the moment but I can see it turning sour when people figure out that the important thing he lost was letting Nami die, specially as only he and Rai probably know that he didn’t kill Nami himself.

I’ll never get over Nami’s blindness though.

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