One Piece : Who

Chapter 884

So Dogtooth actually has dog teeth… Actually he doesn’t even have dog teeth, my dogs teeth are nicer then the gnashers on that man, its more like some spikey toothed shark.

Luffy has seen them though and he ain’t happy.

Dogtooth that is not Luffy. Luffy is unhappy he had to eat Mochi.

Well the second time Luffy has transformed into Gear Fourth and the second time he’s been defeated, he worked out that Dogtooth’s real strength is his observation haki and being able to see that little bit into the future and making him angry gave Luffy the opening he needed to land a few hits but he also got cocky and TOLD Dogtooth this who simply refocused and beat Luffy again.

This I guess is going to be Dogtooth’s downfall which will be kind of shitty. Luffy knows he has to anger and distract Dogtooth and he knows that one of his weaknesses is that he isn’t the man his family keep building him up to be. They’ve made this myth of the guy who never lies down and always is the pinnacle of what they stand for but he’s actually just like anyone else. He’s inherited his mums sweet tooth, he loves to lay around eating doughnuts I mean WHO DOESN’T?!

If Luffy tries to use this to distract his opponent it’ll be sad because its like Luffy is telling me not to respect someone who lies around eating in a not so elegant way… Like Luffy does, hell like I do.

Really think this fight came too early in the story.

The sea slugs disappearance is down to Praline singing away under water, I loved that at the end. I’d kind of forgotten that part of Jinbe’s old crew was one of Big Mom’s children, its nice to see even they are helping everyone escape, of course they themselves had to escape first because Jinbe deserting Big Mom made his crew a target. It goes to show that Luffy is going to have to start to realise he needs more then just his crew to move on, the Yonkous have armies  at their disposal and the Straw Hats are only going to escape thanks to a lot of help from a lot of people. Whilst I’m 100% sure Bege won’t join Luffy’s group I can see there being a chance that if the Germa don’t do something big they’ll feel indebited to help Luffy some other time.

As for Pudding and crew the cake is going well. Still don’t want Pudding to be redeemed though.

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