Inuyashiki : Naoyuki Ando

Episode 3

“Andō Naoyuki” (安堂直行)

The longer I watch this show the more I believe its going to be one of my favourites for a long time to come. Emotionally I’m invested in characters and the story and I just crave to see what happens next.

One of the absolute best scenes in history for me will be watching Inuyashiki panicking trying to figure out how to fly because he wants to save people in a fire so he stands topless in a park singing the Astro Boy theme until he does fly.

For me it sums Inuyashiki up perfectly.

A man who had given up on life because he didn’t have much left to live, with a family that would rather he wasn’t there with only his dog to care for him. Here he stands with alien technology now keeping him alive and giving him the chance not only to live but to help others. Desperate to save strangers he doesn’t know he stands there singing a song from a kids show with all the hope in his heart that he’ll get there in time and save them all.

Then he gets there in time and saves them all.

When he later see’s the two cats walking side by side I knew something horrible was going to happen to the cats, he realises that he has the ability to heal and where does he go? Straight to the hospital.

Inuyashiki is everything that is pure in this world and it lifts my heart seeing his story being played out.

Of course to his selfless acts to help the world you have the evil that is Shishigami.

Thing is in this episode it isn’t even evil what he’s doing. He’s trying to protect his friend and whilst killing the bullies was over the top and unnecessary at the same time at least that one time you can understand why.

Problem is we’ve seen that not only does he like killing, he kills at random and even plans on making it “exciting” for himself in the way he does it. So whilst that one act is to help his friend we already know it isn’t fully coming from a place of trying to protect someone. In fact in a way its just his way of trying to become that bit more important in his friends life. He wants to play his saviour and have him owe him something even if that isn’t what he’s said its the way it come across. “I killed your bullies so even now when you shun me for it I want you to continue to come to school.”

Is it the best for Ando?


Completely wrong way to go about it though.

I love how after he kills the bullies then steals the money Ando isn’t scared to turn around and say actually I don’t want to be friends with someone who kills for fun and steals.

How brave does that kid have to be to stand up for what is right?

The thing is Hiro is killing people by shooting them with his finger, whilst Ando has seen enough proof to know its the truth how crazy will he sound going to the police and saying “that person killing everyone? That’s my friend and he’s doing it by pointing his finger and going bang.” He’d be laughed out the police station.

So whilst the RIGHT right thing to do would be to inform the police its kind of impossible in this situation.

He still stood in front of a guy who could point at him and kill him and said “I don’t want anything to do with you” fully knowing that this maniac knows where he lives and could kill him and his family in seconds. I really liked Ando as a character and in a way hopes that he’ll come face to face with Inuyashiki at some point. I don’t know why, I don’t think I can see Hiro changing his mind or having sense talked into him but I still would quite like to see Ando and Inuyashiki come together.

I think because I’m like Ando, I escaped from bullying through fantasy worlds and I hid away in my bedroom to stop it from hurting me anymore. If I had a friend who came to me with powers straight out of a manga I’d love to think that a friend of mine would use those powers for good. I wouldn’t care how big or small, I’m a animal lover so just thinking maybe they’d save animals in need or something would be enough. If I found out actually they are using those powers for bad it would kind of warp me into believing even the best of people are just shitty under it all. I think my wish for Ando and Inuyashiki to meet is for Ando to heal, he’d get to see that actually great power doesn’t corrupt all and that even the most unlikely person can be a hero.

Personally I don’t think the character of Ando realises just how brave he’s been and if he finds out that straight after that Hiro went and killed a load of people he’ll feel bad about it as he probably will with every death no he knows that Hiro is killing and there is nothing he can do but I just kind of hope at some point he’s told that actually he was freakin’ brave as hell.

This anime is soul crushing. It makes you cry and want to just jump into the show and hug half the characters. When the cat was ran over I just was sitting there going PLEASE LET INUYASHIKI HAVE THE SAME POWERS AS HIRO AND SAVE THE MUMMY CAT like a fictional cat death had just personally murdered a bit of my soul. The writers of this anime are absolute geniuses in making you relate to such a wonderful character like Inuyashiki.

Hell I’m not even a good person and my heart is warmed by his actions.


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