Alice to Zouroku : Something Not Human

Episode 4

“Hitodenai Mono” (人でないモノ)

OK so everything went to shit as we already know on here but I did love this anime and I shall be finishing it just… A tad on the late side. I’m not even watching the first three episodes again. I remember grumpy old man, pigs and crazy. The rest will come back to me.

Instantly I am reminded why I love the series.


Like I get that he’s a atypical grumpy old man but he also is realist. He doesn’t care what Sana might be because whatever she is she’s kind hearted, which is true. We spend the whole episode having Minnie C tell us how Sana is a monster but nothing you’ve seen of her has been monster-ish. The biggest comfort before Zouroku gets called to Sana’s side was that Sana seems to be visiting her adult self in her dreams so we at least know there is going to be a future for her.

There are so many layers in this series. On one hand you have the action packed story of the Dreams of Alice and their struggle to return Sana to Wonderland. Then you have the Slice of Life side that see’s Sana with Zouroku and Sanae doing crazy things. Mixing the two up and we have a great little character development piece where someone who isn’t quite human is going to learn that being human isn’t about what you are born, I mean technically it is but shut up, but how you act.

Zouroku is right in questioning Minnie, regardless of what she knows about Sana she’s still very easily moved to violence not only on Sana but Zouroku, she exclaims that Sana is disgusting because after all the things that have happened to her and then Minnie drugging her she pee’s herself. I don’t know what Minnie thinks she is but the only monster in that car was her.

Naito is still one of my absolute favourite characters, he just cheerfully carries on fully believing that they’ll get Sana and everything will be OK. He explains everything to Zouroku and even looks after Sanae after Sana calls Zouroku for help.

Then there is Sanae herself. It was only a small moment but she had a bit of a outburst about Zouroku never asking for her opinion which shows that the series isn’t going to have Zouroku the word of wisdom, all the characters have room for improvement and I hope to hell we get a heart warming ending.

The episode made me cry big time. It was just sweet and you can’t help but hate Minnie even more for what she does to Sana. Thankfully they are saved by Ichijo by the end of the episode so the series starts again with the cat and mouse chase.

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