Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Friendship (Melting Emotion)

Episode 3

“Yūjō” (融情)

The first two episodes have been a little all over the place, with a near episode long flashback last episode it was kind of pointless even coming back to the present. It is hard to see who will be the next victims or how some will survive from where it was left off.

Again the majority of the episode is actually a flashback telling us about the next set of victims and showing off some of the lesson’s that Nobuaki learnt in the first game whilst not really doing much for the present.

Sadly I still think we’ll be losing Mizuki who has now destroyed her phone so can’t text anyone anything. If we do lose her we do have a great present character in Kenta who had the “can give one order and it is Kings word” text and decides he wants to use that order to order himself to save Mizuki. Instantly fell in love with that guy who gave no shits about coming in and slapping around the quite psychotic Natsuko before taking Mizuki and Nobuaki with him.

Yet still the rest of the class stand by silently. Called out for their lynch happy morality, watching Natsuko go more psycho from second to second they still just don’t seem to do anything that the biggest gob in the group hasn’t told them to do.

Since the 10 deaths in episode 1 there hasn’t been a single death in the present, for as long as these stories seem to us they can’t take long for Nobuaki to tell because as far as I can tell probably about a hour has passed since they all gathered together.

In the past we see how Nobuaki dirtied his hands in the original game. After seeing the guy kill himself he does his best to save his best friend Naoya who is in a popularity contest with a girl called Kana. Like Natsuko the game brings out the worst in Kana as well as Nobuaki. Whoever loses this popularity contest will be “punished” that is all they know and suddenly all the class is fearful the punishment will certainly be death. Therefore it becomes a matter of life and death who wins. Whilst Naoya is laid back, he doesn’t want to die but he also doesn’t want to go out of his way to kill someone else, Nobuaki uses dirty trick after dirty trick to beat Kana who goes out to whore herself amongst the males of the classroom.

I love that we get to see the two sides of Nobuaki. If the rest of the class actually listened to him they might be a lot safer then they would think. After all he now knows that “punishment” might not actually be death if you just lose a game. He knows ways to get around things. The point of the flashbacks is for him to describe to people what needs to be done and what he did to survive but at the moment its like no one is taking it in.

Last episode it was about how not taking the game seriously will just mean they’ll lose lives faster whilst they think it through. They needed to take it more seriously. We then had the jumbled serious part with the raping and the psycho and all that before even Nobuaki seemed to forget the moral of the tale.

This episode its about how you’ll have to do things that you don’t want to do to win but also taking things at face value and not working together doesn’t help. If Nobuaki and Kana had kept their heads, if it had been Naoya that had lost not Kana, then another death might have been avoidable at that time. Because they lost their heads Kana jumped out the window because she didn’t want to die by hanging, the punishment came through as her just having to tell the person she likes that she liked them.

It also showed something I don’t think Nobuaki has either figured out himself or is really getting through to the others. That is that the game itself is there to sow seeds to make them fight each other. It doesn’t want them to work together. It used the word punishment in the request as well as before ordering someone’s death on purpose. Of course we don’t really know if Kana had stayed in the classroom long enough that her punishment WOULDN’T have been to kill herself, she’d jumped out the window and landed before the second text, whoever or whatever the King is he could easily have planted yet another seed for a future task that again would sprout and root its way to separate them all.

In the past the first order was ignored so both people died, that is easily shrugged off as coincidence. The guy tried to sexually harass the girl both could have committed suicide through guilt and hating themselves. The second was followed but it meant a girl had to cheat on her boyfriend, of course the boyfriend was going to be pissed so when the third gave the boyfriend the ability to choose the task for the day of course he’d take his anger out on the guy who slept with his girl. Another death and suddenly everyone fears punishment, being told you’ll be punished is equated to death so you’ll use every dirty trick in the book to make sure death is avoided even though it was never explicitly said that death would be the punishment.

The game did that to them. They didn’t think clearly.

In the present the game hasn’t even really taken root yet. THAT is my real problem. The reaction to the first task was similar to the first task in the original just with Nobuaki confirming the game is real and people getting angry at him for no real reason. They lash out in fear, sure, but they never really question anything and have spent two episodes just doing whatever the loudest voice tells them to. There are PLENTY of tasks that have to be completed by the class that aren’t even being talked about, there is no rooting of any kind. So what Natsuko and Teruaki had to have sex, it was only Natsuko that said she was in love with Nobuaki, they had no relationship. There was no point in her going psycho other then it being in her nature, read what I wrote in episode 2’s review about that, Mizuki doesn’t want to kill people? Sure she doesn’t have to, she’s been given no reason to and the only moral choice she has is to kill herself or two other people. Kenta needs to give a order? Again he’s not been under any stress for that order to be anything to the negative so he’s given himself a silly order which he won’t be able to obey properly but who knows what will actually happen?

The first game is intriguing because the game is ripping apart a group of people that looked pretty close.

We were told in the second game that the class is close but in three episodes they haven’t actually come across that way and there is no actual point to any of the tasks given. They will react in whatever way they are told whereas the first game was reacting by their own emotions. The second group has nothing to them.

Which kind of makes me want to stay in the past….



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