One Piece : Merienda

Chapter 883

Its slowly getting there. Very slowly. Everyone is inching that little bit closer to the final show down.

Well everyone bar Luffy who I can’t see how is going to survive.

My fear for Dogtooth isn’t quite proven in this chapter. I know a lot of people weren’t happy with the reveal of actual pointy teeth, or the funny drawing of him chillaxing on the floor eating doughnuts. To be honest I think he looks deadly cool, sure they showed a derpy moment of him eating and obviously he seems to be a glutton LIKE HIS MUM but that doesn’t mean anything.

This guy defeated Gear Fourth like it was nothing!

I know Luffy thinks he’s got Dogtooth’s number now and there is a obviously weakness now in showing his face but at the same time he just defeated Gear Fourth so I don’t see why Luffy thinks transforming so soon afterwards to try the same thing is going to work.

Again people online acted like for someone who was such a perfectionist like Dogtooth to keep Luffy alive and leave him thinking he’ll be dead was silly but even Luffy said in the chapter that if he gets caught under that much Mochi he’ll die, just because Luffy is able to eat through just about anything doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t have died. He himself SAID he should have died under all that Mochi.

Even Luffy is fed up of his defense in TotLand being to eat everything in sight. Its got to the point where you know that the majority of attacks are going to just be eaten so they’ll have to use force and Dogtooth’s force will kill Luffy but we can’t have Luffy killed so where are we going?

I won’t buy Gear Fourth beating Dogtooth now.

Dogtooth isn’t going to be blackmailed by Luffy for anything, Luffy has seen his “true form” and he has promised to kill him like anyone else that has seen it so I don’t know what could happen to change that fate for Luffy.

Its a corner that I feel the story has been backed up into. A accident like Brulee accidentally having him fall through the mirror she’s in or something like that HAS to be the way Luffy survives because why would I buy that Luffy can beat Dogtooth?

I still think he’s up there with Shanks, Law and Doffy as one of the coolest characters in One Piece full stop. I love his teeth.

Also its kinda cool that he has the food thing like his mum. He needs to eat at a certain time every day and he’s a glutton whilst he does it too. I dunno but I think that is kind of cool. We haven’t seen any of the other kids being actual gluttons. He’s also worshiped by everyone as the guy who “holds up the Big Mom Pirates” which again is just super cool. Nothing about Dogtooth isn’t super cool.

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