Inuyashiki : Hiro Shishigami

Episode 2

“Shishigami Hiro” (獅子神皓)

Inuyashiki was not the only person that was caught up in the accident on the hill, there was a young lad there too and his name is, surprisingly, Hiro Shishigami…

You know the old “every Batman needs a Joker” line? Well here is Inuyashiki’s Joker.

Hiro Shishigami isn’t a character we know a lot about. He seems to have a logically thought process on things like death which shows a slight lack of empathy, I say it is logical because it is. Logic is cold. Why would he get upset over deaths of people he doesn’t know more so then family members or characters that he has invested time in? I’m the same, it doesn’t mean I’d be a serial killer but I lack a more robust empathy that takes me out of my bubble. He is on the other hand overly protective of those he trusts. The beginning part of the episode shows him going to see his friend Naoyuki who got beaten up and withdrawn to his room, he shows him his new powers and the chaos he brings to it before offering to kill those who upset him.

That and his love of One Piece is all we really know about him.

So he’s a anime version of me.

What we do know is something in his life, his from all we know happy life, means that when given great power he decides to become a serial killer.

We see him at work too. His finger works like a invisible gun, you never hear it go off, he says Bang to indicate a shot, or a bullet but boy does it work. He enjoys torturing those he is going to kill and even at the end when he comes face to face with Inuyashiki the only reason he leaves is he got bored.

I kinda of don’t like that we didn’t get to see more of him. You kind of have to make your mind up on him with little to go on. I know we don’t really need to know more about him and keeping him a slight mystery adds to him overall but when you make him a actual focus I’d have liked to see what he really was like maybe just a little before what happened so we could really compare him to Inuyashiki.

It isn’t really depicting youngsters nicely really if you think about it.

In episode one you have the group of youths that pick on the homeless guy and try to kill both him and Inuyashiki, in this episode the other human effected by the accident has turned into a murderer. Inuyashiki’s kids are ungrateful brats and the kids on the train in the first episode were laughing at a woman putting her back out. Whilst kids have their side of ugliness to them its a bit much to portray so many in such a bad light and then not give us anything really to go on when it comes to the main bad guy so far who just so happens to be in the same generation.

For me it looks very much like this kid lived a happy life dreaming of being in a manga and then gets a manga-esque make over so decided to do something for fun. I guess for someone who does have everything and is content there could be a fascination in hurting others, personally I can’t ever think of a time I’d want to hurt someone else but I guess its easier to see why he’d pick a more selfish path then Inuyashiki and look for self pleasure at the expense of others, after all if he feels dead inside the only reason he must do is because he’s bored looking for a thrill.

Inuyashiki is the complete opposite.

He’s married with two kids and his own house yet he’s a nobody and a nothing. He’s finding using his powers to help others is giving his life meaning. Its selfish in its way to find your own meaning in doing this but it comes from knowing what it is like to be so alone and afraid that you don’t want others to feel that way. He comes face to face with Shishigami PURELY because he uses his sensitive hearing and overhears the last survivor of the massacre pleading for her life. He doesn’t get there in time but it sets up for a interesting encounter in the next episode.

Kudos for the show making one of the most nightmarish deaths I’ve ever seen as well.

I’ve seen all kinds of deaths and Danganronpa really pulls the boats out for theirs but the simplicity of having him shoot the dad in the head so that he just collapses in the bath on top of the little boy so Shishigami doesn’t even need to really kill him himself because he drowns under the weight of his dad is just…. Its horrific to watch and really well done because it would be all to easy to just have a complete blood bath and Shishigami just murdering people left and right, instead it was really sad how the dad pleaded for his sons death and then in the end was the weight that killed his son anyway. Regardless of the fact no one was going to be left alive…

Saying that Shishigami seemed rather weird about the girl so I’m not too sure what he’d have done with her if she’d calmed down and talked to him about One Piece for longer.

Honestly I can’t speak highly enough of the firs two episodes of this show, it feels different and unique and really pulls at the heart strings.


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