Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Chaos (Scars Disorder)

Episode 2

“Konran” (痕乱)

A great story, weak characters and wonderful animation leads us into the second episode of King’s Game were we see how many other students will fail to perform tasks sent to them by the King.

If I had any worries about Natsuko and her just being there as a love interest for Nobuaki then this episode completely tore that apart AFTER we learn a bit more about the first few days of Nobuaki’s original King’s Game.

Whilst I liked that we got to see some more of the original game I fear that we’ll forever be skipping between the two and so far I much prefer the characters in the original King’s Game to those in this one.

The original game seemed to have started slower, from a simple groping which never happened so the two students died, to two students sleeping together which did happen so they survived. As at that moment the game wasn’t “real” to them the jealous boyfriend of one of those two, who had the power of the King for the day, then ordered the guy who slept with his girlfriend to die and terrified he does what he’s told. It was sweet and sad all at the same time. All the characters involved were sweet, relatable and realistic. You really felt bad for them knowing that the game was real, I didn’t think the boyfriend was a monster I was just sad for him as he truly didn’t know just how realistic this game was.

Unfortunately the episode took a turn for the worst coming back to the present where the hive mind of this class was being put to good use by Natsuko who has a complete personality change. I personally think it was always there, you could see it during the race, a determination and coldness. We know her parents are dead and everyone always talks about how brave she is to put on a happy face, well that happy face has dropped because she’s going to survive this game no matter what, the clingy annoying loved up girl I was worried she would be is pushed away by Nobuaki into the rapey arms of Teruaki, when she realises that Nobuaki doesn’t have a plan and really does seem to want to save everyone she turns off the charm and turns on the rapey herself before hatching a plan to have Nobuaki killed off.

She went from the kind of character I hate to the kind of character I love to hate. She’s the perfect bad guy, the perfect bitch. She’s out to save herself at whatever costs.

Problem is the story didn’t do her justice. Its the hive mind of the other classmates that ruin it.

Teruaki goes from trying to force himself on Natsuko to little resistance from everyone around him to being forced into her position whilst Nobuaki decides its very unwomanly for Natsuko to want to fuck someone out in the open. She announces she wants to talk to Nobuaki and wanders off on her own accord just for the whole class to completely forget this and decide they need to once again attack Nobuaki at her command. Even when she then creepily corners Mizuki, the girl who has to send the text DIE to a student which will result in their death, they stand and stare wondering what’s got into her instead of pointing out she’s being absolutely abhorrent.

Noooo we’ll just leave the YOU’RE A MONSTER screaming for Nobuaki because he “leered” at a girl who was moments earlier begging him to fuck her before she fucked another guy to save her life.


You should be.

None of the characters have any real character. I keep saying it but they are a hive mind. First up for Yuuichi and now to Natsuko. They change so fast, they listen and then jump to conclusions for no reason. This whole episode might as well not have happened because they are basically back to square one, the only difference at this point is that Natsuko is trying to get everyone else killed so she can survive. She’s determined to have Nobuaki killed, as the only guy who survived the last game it is obvious why too. He knows, he knows they have to work together that things have to be done. When a command comes through saying “so and so gives a command and it has to be followed” he knows from the past to get so and so to tell another member of the class to clap their hands twice and they’ll all be saved.

Thing is the King himself is smart.

From the past you can see that he slowly put fear, jealousy and hatred into the hearts of the students and that was just the first three commands. He’s outdone himself in the first place in this game as he’s given out about ten commands to different people, it was way too hard to keep up with how many he gave out in the last episode.

Natsuko being a piece of shit is a interesting twist. I can’t see Nobuaki being killed though I don’t know why Mizuki wouldn’t see Natsuko’s point of view, I see Mizuki being next to die and I’m guessing Teruaki is going to be fucked one way or the other because I also don’t see Natsuko dying in the first few episodes.

Safe to say though the past is much more interesting then the present.



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