One Piece : Beyond the Expectations of a Yonkou

Chapter 882

Again I know I got a little behind but we’re back.

Luffy is facing off against Dogtooth, Big Mom has her forces split trying to take down Bege and the Germa whilst she herself goes after the Strawhats. It isn’t looking good.

I love that by the end of the chapter we know that Big Mom’s forces have kind of just failed miserably. They’ve lost Bege, lost the ability to use the snails on the sea bed and whilst the Germa made them believe they’d fallen they haven’t.

I still don’t see how any of them could face off a big chunk of Big Mom’s forces, maybe the Germa have a slightly better chance now that they’ve gotten their power armour and army back, yet of course we know that they are all going to make it out of there alive and well. I’m starting to worry about Chaffron a little but I’m sure she’ll be Ok. I hope she will anyway.

They are given a bit of a break though by Big Mom deciding to visit Nut Island first. Why she wants to go there is anybodies guess but that might be the break they need to get that cake finished, where the Thousand Sunny is we don’t know but they’ll be on their way to meet up with Sanji.

Its the fight between Luffy and Dogtooth that is interesting though. Luffy is about to move into Gear Fourth and Dogtooth knows it. He doesn’t seem to be too concerned and I can see why, he’s got a reply to everything that Luffy does in fact it isn’t even that he has a reply to everything that Luffy does he doesn’t even give Luffy the opening to do anything. He’s just way too strong for Luffy.

Which brings me back to my whole worry that they’ll waste a potentially wonderful villain with something stupid happening to have Luffy win.

Surely there will be a way to escape without Luffy beating him?

I know that Luffy wouldn’t want to take that route, now he’s in a fight he’ll want to win at any cost but I don’t see it being as simple as Doffy. Whilst Doffy was strong he was no where near as strong as Dogtooth, he was just that tad more stronger then Luffy that was needed to push Luffy that little bit further but Dogtooth is a road block I just don’t see a way around and I’m worrying that after building him up to be such a cool threat he’ll be sent crashing down in some silly way.

In a way I can’t wait to see how the Straw Hats get out of all this but at the same time I’m terrified to find out how they get out of it. I’m still pretty certain at the end of the day they won’t defeat Big Mom and instead get out of it with brains and fight her another day. I just don’t see a way they can defeat her, at this point she’d just defeat herself but I feel like they might destroy her whole world and force her to come out and be more vicious in the world itself. I feel her little bubble is going to collapse because of this but I don’t think they’ll be taking her down, that is just my feeling though. I kind of hope that happens anyway because I just don’t feel this is the kind of story that would see Luffy beat Big Mom.

I don’t see it.

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