One Piece : A Wave Room

Chapter 881

Its not looking good for Luffy or his crew. What is going to happen to the Sunny when its hit by a Tsunami?!

Have I said enough that Jinbe is probably the coolest character EVER?!

He basically saves the ship by going surfing with it. They ride inside the wave and come out the other end unscathed. They’ve brought themselves some time and because Mom and Peros think they are goners they are able to break the mirrors and save themselves from invasion too.

Nami thinks they have 10 hours before they meet up with Sanji so Luffy has 10 hours to get to Cacoa Island.

Still not sure that Luffy is going to be able to survive. I just can’t see what Luffy is going to do to beat Dogtooth, I don’t want to see him beat Dogtooth anymore. Like before I just didn’t want Dogtooth to lose but now I just don’t want something to come along and beat Dogtooth. Even in Gear Fourth I just wouldn’t buy him beating him so I want there to be a escape plan or something that happens that saves Luffy but doesn’t have anything at all to do with Dogtooth losing in a fight.

That tends to be the problem I have with One Piece most of the time. They build up bad guys to a unbeatable level and whilst some are beaten with the smarts when Luffy over powers a enemy who has nearly killed him without any real smart move it is annoying and in the mirror world it isn’t like he’s going to find the bucket of water that helped him defeat Crocodile.

I can’t see what is going to save Luffy but then again I didn’t see how the others would survive, I was like Peros who told Big Mom that she can’t attack the ship else the cake would be destroyed too, but she didn’t listen.

Guess its now up to Sanji to get that cake and end this all. The end game really isn’t to defeat Big Mom just get rid of her long enough to escape which is absolutely fine by me.

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