One Piece : No Way Out

Chapter 880

The plan is… Kind of working? Luffy seems to have no chance against Dogtooth but he’ll find a way as always, whilst the cake isn’t even starting to be made right now and Big Mom is walking on water at least the Sunny is on course to meet Sanji and the rest if they ever make this damned thing.

The cake is going to take three hours but unfortunately I’m not sure the Straw Hats are going to make it.

To be honest the cake crew story at the beginning was kind of fun even though we know what the others were against. I liked that they worked together and managed to wipe the memories of the other cooks, also the fact that Sanji has won all their respect by being able to figure out how the cake was made just by the smell of it. It was a nice moment.

Nice moment before we go back to Luffy being basically beaten to a pulp by Dogtooth. There was no way he can beat that guy and he’s also focused on stopping Brulee from letting people through the mirrors onto the ship. He tries to get Nami to smash them all but the Sunny is in trouble enough with a Tsunami about to hit them.

Difficult to see how they are all going to survive really.

I mean I guess Big Mom can’t destroy the ship if she thinks the cake is on it but I wouldn’t put her past destroying it. I think I’ll be more sad about the demise of the second crew ship then I was of Pedro. Even worse is that Franky isn’t there to see it. Hopefully it’ll be OK.

Its Luffy I’m worried about.

I know he’s pulled it out of the bag so many times but I can’t see how he’s going to beat Dogtooth, his only way to seemingly survive is to pop out of a mirror as soon as he can but Dogtooth is on his case and won’t let him near Brulee to get out of one. He’s already beat up pretty badly and Dogtooth hasn’t taken one proper hit, it makes you wonder why Dogtooth let Luffy throw him back into the mirror world. Maybe it was because he knew that it was safer there then at sea where Big Mom was going to be?

Either way its not looking good right now.

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