One Piece : Big Mom commander Dogtooth

Chpater 879

Dogtooth vs Luffy is finally happening and I’m soooooo happy.

We only got a sneak peak of the fight though at the end. A case of anything you can do Dogtooth will do better. Not sure why anyone would wonder if Rubber is stronger the Mochi but apparently we’d be fools to think Rubber would win.

Looks like it’ll be a interesting fight. Again I kind of hope that Luffy loses but there is no safety net there for him to lose and get out of there so something bigger has to happen.

The crew on the Sunny are being held together by Jinbe and I truly believe that this will lead to Carrot’s time to shine, she’s devastated by the loss of Pedro and even more sad because Peros only lost a arm and he’s able to regrow it with his candy anyway. Whilst Jinbe’s words are able to pull them back from despair and focus their minds I think its the despair that will make Carrot stronger and fight for what she believes in.

I kinda want to see it too. I mean we have Jinbe joining the crew but I wouldn’t be against Carrot joining too, she’s got a lot of growth in her, then again I guess her natural story is to take Pedro’s place, she’ll find her calling to defend the Minks here and go back stronger and a natural leader.

It really was a great motivational chapter. Jinbe knows so much more then the Straw Hats how the seas are a horrible place and they need to keep moving forward. Without him I don’t know what they would have done because they were all too busy mourning Pedro to move and get into position for the plan.

As for the cake it isn’t even being baked and the more we have to spend time with Chiffon, Sanji and Pudding the more I want Pudding to die. She’s now curled up under the carpet and hiding because no one can see her and Sanji together else they might think they are a couple.

Man I didn’t think she could get more annoying!

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