One Piece : Guardians : Chef Pedro

Chapter 878

In the last chapter it looked like Pedro gave his life for others to live but I really didn’t need a Pedro chapter in my life.

This chapter made me so happy in the end. Thankfully all the Pedro stuff was over quite fast and we didn’t have to deal with listening to him for long. I felt sorry for Carrot who tried to attack Dogtooth in his name and it looks like if Pedro did die in the blast he nearly died for nothing as Peros is still alive, thankfully they did manage to escape before any more damage could be made by him though even if Big Mom took a bite out of Sunny.

The thing that made me happy was the fact that Dogtooth is going to be fighting Luffy now. Luffy sacrifised himself by throwing himself and Dogtooth into the mirror world and even smashed the mirror. Its going to be the fight I’m looking forward too. Obviously this is the fight that Luffy is going to win but at the same time I don’t want him too or I want him to take Dogtooth with him after he beats him. I love the character and think there is a lot of potential in him in the future but he has to be the one that loses for Big Mom, the cake plan probably will then work out and Luffy can make his way to Wano with one Yanko furious and after his blood.

Luffy acted so grown up and wise in the chapter though, usually he talks a lot and whilst its very logical and uplifting its very off the cuff stuff. He said exactly what I said in this chapter which is basically they can’t waste any second after the explosion else it’ll all be a waste. Thankfully they didn’t.

Now we get to the fun bit.

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