One Piece : I’m Not That Sweet

Chapter 877

Sanji has joined Pudding and Chiffon to make the cake of Big Mom’s dreams whilst the others have to “simply” keep Big Mom occupied.

Like that is going to be simple.

Again everything goes crazy. I didn’t realise just how similar Dogtooth and Luffy are until it was pointed out in this chapter, it shouldn’t really surprise me seeing what Dogtooths ability is but it did make me a little surprised.

Peros gets taken out by Pedro by the end of the chapter which will save Chopper and Brook as well as let the Sunny ride as his candy powers were giving them all sorts of problems. I thought it was real weird that Peros was going on and on about turning Chopper and Brook into candy men and was going to lick them, I had to chuckle that they’d even have him say that but I guess it is One Piece.

The fight for the Sunny might be a lot easier now, even surrounded by that Tart ships and all that they still have the Coup De Burst on their side and should be able to get past them all for a little while. I guess it depends on how fast everyone is to react to the blast at the end of the chapter.

Am I sad that right now it looks to be the end of Pedro? No. I didn’t really get into his character. I like Carrot for obvious reasons, she’s cute and funny and works well with Chopper, but Pedro just never really interested me other then being another cool as hell character. He’s been overshadowed so often I tend to forget he even went with them until he’s forced back into my memory.

The Straw Hats seem to be taking too long over reacting to the bomb, they really need to get their butts in gear. I still don’t know why Sanji thinks this cake making thing is going to work though, surely it is going to take forever for them to make one and they don’t have much longer till there is nowhere for the Straw Hats to run too. It just seems like a bad plan once more.


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