One Piece : Pudding Coincidentally Appears!

Chapter 876

No idea what coincidentally appears means seeing that we’ve seen her chasing after them, I guess its going to be something that someone says or feels in the chapter itself because for the audience we’re waiting with baited breath to see what she does.

Well Pudding is flip flopping between good and bad Pudding which is annoying. She is actually trying to help the Straw Hats in between moments of wanting them dead. They’ve gone to grab Sanji who can help them bake this cake to save everyone’s lives which is going to be interesting to see.

I just don’t like Pudding at all. She’s annoying, even before this she was annoying, and whilst I get that she was used and all that I just don’t find her interesting at all. I don’t want her to be a good guy but now she has to be because it looks like to get away from Big Mom they are going to have to get this cake made and, as Sanji said, make her faint when she eats it.

Love Chiffon though, it was kind of funny watching her snapping Pudding out of her Evil Pudding self all the time but it just got annoying, like most things about Pudding.

Makes me wonder once more where the Germa have got too and why they aren’t apart of all this.

Either way nothing is going to stop Big Mom advancing. Luffy and the rest have to keep her busy for who knows how long whilst they make a cake. Chopper is trying to smash the mirror in Nami’s room to stop more people coming onboard the Sunny and Dogtooth still hasn’t done anything just yet.

Why is it taking so long for Dogtooth to just kill everyone already? He looks so cool just standing around waiting for people but I want him to attack. I guess we’re close to the moment he will attack seeing that Luffy is nearly there but I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for him to attack.

Its just about to get good.


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