One Piece : A Woman’s Honor

Chapter 875

The Straw Hats don’t know it but they are surrounded. Big Mom is mad, Dogtooth is determined not to let them out of her territory but they seem to have a friend about to help.

Well Pudding is still a mystery so I won’t go there. Chiffon is a sweetie though and I’m sad that she’s being brought to possible danger by Pudding. I’m hoping she gets reunited with Pez and Bege before this all ends.

Zeus is also a sweetie but after he eats all the weather eggs that Nami has she lets him explode, everything on Sunny thinks its Zeus attacking the Straw Hats but he was actually attacking Big Mom’s group, or at least just exploding and they just so happened to be running into the blast zone.

It was Chopper that went with Brook so them two are now trying to save the Sunny from not only Dogtooth but Peros who also headed that way. Whilst they have no chance I can see this all working out for the Straw Hats at the minute depending on what Pudding actually is going to do.

I don’t think Pudding is going to have her evil ways with them IF she’s evil Pudding. Cheffon won’t let it happen, after all they saved Lola and she seems to be indebted to them for it. I can kind of see where this might go but at the same time I don’t think its going to go the way I think it is.

Jinbe is going to be such a cool addition to the crew, he keeps a cool head and directs them constantly from behind which is going to be great. It gives them the organisation they don’t really have and whilst they don’t need it because their chaos usually wins out they have bigger and worse enemies to face so having someone who seems to keep a cool head with them is going to be so fun.

Plus I’ve just loved Jinbe since we first met him. He’s so freakin’ cool.


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