Red Dwarf : Siliconia

Season 12 started off with a bang with one of the most hilarious episodes of the series so far. It was naturally funny with great interaction between the main cast and the guest cast.

So season 12 has a lot to live up to.

Siliconia was a absolute blast from start to finish.

Another guest filled episode saw the Boys from the Dwarf get caught by the MILF, Mechanoid Intergalactic Liberation Front, and Lister, Rimmer and Cat being turned in Mechanoids in retaliation for “enslaving” Kryten.

I loved how the three of them slowly turned into Mechanoid’s after their brains were transplanted into the Mech bodies. Chris Barrie probably did the best impersonation of Kryten out of the three of them and it made sense why with all his hang ups he’d be the first person to give up on his old self and decide to be a Mech. The fact that after he gave them up he did so well in their society, or would have if he’d had more time, was even more hilarious.

At times I felt like there could have been a slightly bigger focus on Kryten, whilst the other three being turned into Mechanoids and having to find a way to turn themselves back into humans was all very funny the support group for formerly enslaved Mechanoids and the way they acted was even more funny and we went from seeing Kryten go to one and him being pampered to him joining the MILF, the thing is most of the time whilst he’ll complain about serving others if anyone points out he doesn’t have to do it he chides them saying that he enjoys it and it would have been nice to see a little more fun with him having to come to terms with being truly ‘free’ instead of just one meeting and suddenly he’s joining.

What made the episode though was the fight scene between Lister and Kryten where to be saved for insubordination they had to clean each other. With mops in hand it was one of the most dramatic scenes I’ve ever seen, made even more dramatic by Lister’s programming kicking in at the beginning of the battle and therefore actually WANTING to take part in the proceedings.

None of the guest stars shown as much as Ryan Gage did the week before but there were plenty of brilliant moments and as a fan of Zapped it was funny to see James Buckley show up as one of the enslaved Mechs who believed they deserved to be down doing all the dirty work because they were a older model. It really was a episode where the main cast shone so much.

Just another top class episode and this season is really looking to be one of the best.


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