One Piece : King Baum

Chapter 874

The Straw Hats are cornered. Whilst riding King Baum Big Mom has caught them. Can they make it out alive?

Hectic as always this chapter was crazy.

Loved the moment that Nami started feeding Zeus thunder balls so he actually thought about joining Nami and being her servant, I wonder if he sticks with her? Before they can talk it out though Prometheus shows up and starts burning the Seducing Forest which makes me worry for King Baum.

Nami has been using that poor tree this whole time and for her to come in and possibly get him killed I don’t think I can forgive her. Yeah sure the Straw Hats need to survive but at the expense of other people? Or things with souls at least? Its just cruel. He looked like he’d been burnt up and it was horrible.

The Straw Hats think they are running to safety but in actual fact Dogtooth is already on the sunny and waiting just in case Big Mom doesn’t get him. Can’t wait to see how that turns out. They seem to have forgotten that between the bunch of Big Mom’s kids they have so many ridiculous talents that they can’t really escape.

As for Pudding it looks like she actually wants to help Sanji which has put me in a bad mood. I wanted her to be evil and hated and left behind but it looks like she’ll be redeemed and it sucks. I’ve never trusted her and want her to be the villain in all this. Looks like I’ll be wrong.

Now I just want Dogtooth to meet Zoro and Law. I’m so upset that Zoro and Law didn’t go on this adventure because it would have been awesome if they did. Then again Big Mom would already be dead if the Monster Trio with Law were all there. Man that would have been a short fight.


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