One Piece : In a Sweet Bind

Chapter 873

The Straw Hats and Bege Pirates are escaping to their own ships but with Big Mom about to go into a Tantrum I don’t think they’ll get far.

Peros, the one that looks like the child catcher out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and would probably give me nightmares if I was 8 years old, is a genius.

As I said in the last review it was hard to tell whether Big Mom going into a rage would effect them catching Bege or the Straw Hats and it would. I kind of predicted that she’d hinder them but Peros see’s through that and sends her AFTER the Straw Hats. They have no wedding cake to give her but by making out that they had extra but the Straw Hats went off with it they directed her rage after their biggest foes.

I thought it was interesting that she told Peros she’d kill him if they don’t have the wedding cake but on the other hand he was right when pointing out that Big Mom never ate the cake anyway so the taste of it is all a dream and even if they made a half decent attempt at the cake she wouldn’t know the difference. Not in the good way, if it doesn’t taste like she dreams it would nothing would save them or their island.

Cue Pudding.

Now I don’t know if Pudding is good or evil, I really don’t, but I am still hoping for evil. She’s decided she’ll go get Cheffon and together they’ll make the cake back on Cocoa Island. She says that Sanji insulted her but I don’t know… I can’t make out whether she is evil or not. I so want her to be evil but you just can’t tell.

By the end of the chapter Mom had caught up with the Straw Hats who are even more diminished with actual fighting power seeing that Brock and Pedro have gone too. How are they going to survive?

And Poor King Baum, they need to leave the poor tree stump alone!


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