One Piece : Soft and Fluffy

Chapter 872

The Castle has been destroyed. What is the Tamatebeko and why is the Castle collapsing?!

So the fishmen and Luffy knew that the Tamatebeko would explode, I don’t think we got a reason why but that was that. The Tamatebeko exploded and destroyed the Castle.

Streusen then used his power to turn the whole falling cake into whipped cream so everyone could escape. I probably missed a lot because of all the action-y scenes going on but I don’t think we saw how Luffy and Sanji ended up back with the rest and are we meant to think the Germa all died? That they escaped too? That they are perilously close to Big Mom?

Either way it just kind of seemed like Bege and the Strawhats escaped. Pedro and Brook are on their way for the Shark Submerge whilst the others have to hike it back to the ship.

When I saw Dogtooth organising everyone I thought “oh shit” but then seconds later it dawned on me that its even worse. Big Mom is angry about not getting to eat the Wedding cake. At 5 she killed a full grown Giant because she was hungry… I still don’t think we’ll see these guys survive.

What I didn’t like about the chapter was it kind of just defied logic a little. We saw Luffy and Sanji doing their thing and we know how much energy Gear Fourth takes out of Luffy yet here they are seconds later on the outskirts of town with no cream on them and safe. I’m guessing I missed something in one of the panels that might explain it, like Caesar flying close enough to them to save them, but it just didn’t seem to really work for me.

I WANT them to leave and leave Big Mom, I think it would be fantastic if they did actually because a later fight with a real pissed off Big Mom would be brilliant but it looks very much like we’re still getting this fight which would be ridiculous right now because they have even less firepower now that Bege has gone then they started with so there is no way they’d beat Big Mom.

UNLESS Big Mom awakening into a tantrum will hinder her kids. We know she rampages and will eat her own children when she’s angry, I kinda forgot about that when seeing the chapters about her eating Mother Caramel, so surely the ones around her are going to have to work on keeping her from destroying their home instead of chasing the Straw Hats?

Guess we’ll see in the next chapter….


3 thoughts on “One Piece : Soft and Fluffy”

    1. I think I wouldn’t be enjoying it if I hadn’t had to binge read all these chapters that I’d missed. There are plenty of chapters that are just people moving into position instead of actually doing anything and the interesting parts are far and few between. When you binge read them you get all the info and drama all at once, if you read it weekly it must be so drawn out. Its not like the previous arc where there was always danger and two or three parts of the story to get hooked on. It also flits around so much at times its hard to actually figure out what is going on.

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