One Piece : Go, Caesar!

Chapter 871

Germa 66, Luffy and Sanji are waging war against Big Mom so that Caesar can fly the others to safety.

For some reason I don’t think any of this plan is going to work.

I was right! The plan backfired miserably.

They were close, Caesar very nearly got away but was stopped by a mirror version of himself as Brulee helped in the only way she can. The others were stopped by various of Big Mom’s children and Luffy used Gear Fourth for one punch on Big Mom that didn’t do any damage so is kind of useless for a little bit.

Still seems that they want to go with Kaido before Big Mom in story and its seems that something outside of the plan is going to help with that as Du Feld tries to get his hands on the Tamatebako and Stussy decides to frame him for it whilst taking it for the World Government, Du Feld either in his dying breath or just after he dies pushes it off the castle which starts to collapse as it hits the floor.

So what is the Tamatebako?

Is this going to let everyone escape?

I thought the chapter was bloody awesome. The carnage and despair as slowly everyone is pretty much nearly killed by various members of Big Mom’s family. Judge’s speech was way over the top, so perfect for him, he was struck by lightening so you can only guess what’s happened to him. Everyone trying to get Caesar out but falling slowly was just great imagery and honestly… Like I might love him for various reasons but Dogtooth is just like the final boss. He even beats Big Mom in his intimidation factor when he’s drawn.

Still guess they’ll be taking down Big Mom first but its hard to figure out what will happen next.


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