One Piece : Farewell

Chapter 870

Big Mom is awake and everyone is hiding inside Bege. The final fight is going to be upon us I think.

Turns out that the Germa ARE going to play a bigger role.

My question of how they’ll react is that they react badly. They won’t be indebted to someone they see as a failure, their pride is hurt or at least the boys prides are hurt so they go out to face Big Mom on their own so that Bege can transform down to normal size and Caesar can take the rest to safety.

Problem is Sanji isn’t going to let them die for him and Luffy isn’t going to let a fight go by without him involved.

I really had hoped that Big Mom wouldn’t be defeated. I know the Yonko have to be defeated and the story isn’t going to go on forever so the first encounters with them are likely to be the last but I was hoping that Luffy and crew would fly to safety with Caesar and leave Big Mom for another day. It obviously was never going to work out like that but the chapter made you feel like it was.

They are right in that if they wanted to fight Big Mom they’d have at least brought Zoro with them, they didn’t because they never were meant to fight her but now we’re going to have to fight her because Sanji and Luffy are hot heads.

Loved the chapter though, it was nice to see them all interacting together, nice to see Sanji get a little bit of revenge on the suffering he got from his family and in a way I guess Sanji needed to join the fight to show that he’s actually stronger then any of them because they are all out there with their gadgets and shit whilst he’ll be out there in his wedding clothes kicking the shit out of people because he won’t use his hands to fight.

Man am I looking forward to him saving one of their lives properly in battle and them having to admit, actually ADMIT, that Sanji is stronger then them. That is going to make everything worthwhile.


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