One Piece : Under Siege

Chapter 869

The plan has failed. They don’t even have a escape route anymore. Time for Plan B?

This was another chapter that was putting everything into place for something bigger but unlike the one where I literally couldn’t find anything to say this one was fantastic.

I loved the aura of death that comes from Big Mom’s kids. I ADORE Dogtooth in every single way, the fact he’s such a bad ass is just so cool. I can’t wait to see everyone go up against each other, this fight is going to be so amazing but at the same time its going to be sad that we didn’t get longer with any of Big Mom’s kids because they would all make great bad guys on their own.

Bege turns himself into a giant castle which gets stuck down by candy so they can’t escape and the cannons blocked up by Dogtooth. Brulee is back with her family which doesn’t really mean much, I can’t remember the extent of her powers other then the mirror travel and being able to create mirror doubles or whatever but I don’t think she’s going to be the greatest help to the others in the fight. Not when all the others are so fucking cool.

Big Mom wakes up at the end so one way or the other they are all fucked.

It was the Germa that I loved though. Sanji gave them their gear and they basically transformed like Power Rangers. It gives Luffy’s side a bit more firepower but its still hard to see how they’ll get past all the pirates on the outside. Its the biggest fight yet and I just don’t see any of them being strong enough to take on Big Mom

Have to be honest this story has made Bege grow on me and I’d be sad if he ended up dying during this story. He’s not in a good way though by the end of the chapter so I’m worried about him.


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