Vatican Miracle Examiners : Sinfonia [END]

Episode 12

“Shinfonia” (シンフォニア)

The final episode will see Ryota fighting for his life. Trouble for me is that other then Hiraga mentioning him from time to time he’s a character I have absolutely 0 interest in meeting, knowing about or being told I should be sad he’s dying. How they end the series is a mystery to me.

Its one of those episodes that I guess is meant to be uplifting and tie together everything.

Ryota’s story was interesting, him seeing the prophets of death and all that. I liked that part of the story and I wished they’d kept to that, it became obvious last episode that regardless of what Hiraga said we’d see Ryota saved by Julia. Lets not forget the shining white visage that is Julia, the moment I saw the three prophets standing behind Danny I instantly thought that Ryota was going to see Julia and think those prophets saved him, therefore making him possibly a easy target for Julia to manipulate in stories later on in the series.

Not obviously this because the anime is finished but the manga. Its just pure speculation of course but it was all just very obvious.

That was fine.

It was when he met a kid that was also dying and just so happened to be the kid that helped Roberto get over the trauma of his father killing his mother. I was already annoyed his personal life was entangled in one story and now Hiraga’s little brother and him are linked.

THIS was meant to give the real feel good ending because the boy who died had left books with golden bookmarks lying around for Roberto to find and read. It was sweet but it was one coincidence too many for me. The first was so ham fisted into the story that this one failed just because its Roberto’s thing to have his life inserted crudely into stories not about him.

All in all it was a bit of a disappointing finale. No drama, no tension just a long winded story.

That’s all I can say about it really. Nothing to see.


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