One Piece : KX Launcher

Chapter 868

Again the more I learn about Big Mom the more I love her. We’re back to the present and the plan at hand. I don’t want her to be defeated now…

So it is pretty much confirmed that Big Mom ate the whole group. A Giant saw it and that was the last straw for the Giants, its why she doesn’t like them and they don’t like her because they know she’s a Demon and refuse to even say her name. Also a former pirate named Streusen who could turn anything into a edible food saw and helped her become Big Mom.

With these memories flooding into Big Mom’s head the plan fails miserably. Her scream destroys the KX Launcher before shattering the mirror that they were all going to escape from and Big Mom’s kids are on their way to make sure that those who have caused all this pain and suffering at the wedding will suffer themselves.

It means more Dogtooth and I love him so that is all good.

All the last few chapters have shown is that Big Mom is a brat. A child that was abandoned and then her bad behaviour was cultivated by people using her. She has a temper, so does my 8 year old niece when she hasn’t been fed or hasn’t had enough sleep, just Linlin was a giant of some sorts that could cause trouble with her temper. If she’d ever fallen into the hands of someone who wasn’t using her she might have actually been a good guy.

Lets face it after all her dream is that of Mother Caramels, or what she believed to be Mother Caramels. She wants a world where everyone can see eye to eye and live in peace. Streusen is the one that turned that dream into a nightmare by having her threaten and run rampage whilst trying to make the dream a reality.

I’m not saying Big Mom isn’t a bad guy but she’s also a product of the people who raised her and turned her into a bratty monster that at 5 could kill fully grown bears in one spank and killed a Giant Warrior Hero because she was hungry. Like if someone good had come along and trained her to be kind I bet she would have been a lot different, she doesn’t seem to be deep down a horrible person she’s just been led down the wrong path by horrible people that she ended up with because her parents gave up on trying to teach her right from wrong themselves.

Yeah I sound like I’m defending Big Mom. OK I’ll shut up now.


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