Vatican Miracle Examiners : The Gold of the Darkness; I am with the Lord

Episode 11

“Yami no ōgon, ga, omo totomoni” (闇の黄金、我、主とともに)

I thought the investigation would soon be over in the last episode with a strange love story in the middle of a murder and the miracle being basically debunked.

What I didn’t think about was the return of a old face and a old case….

Its a very simple ending which actually worked a whole lot better then the last one.

The two detectives and Roberto and Hiraga follow the video until they find the well, they also found the untouched campsite in the film and the rusted cans the people had used all those thirty years ago. Those cans showed that someone drugged at least one of the cans which explains why the hysterical one got even more hysterical. Onwards to the well they went, the well being the entrance to a old gold mine. The albino is part of a experiment that the Galdoune have been doing ever since the gold run out, using fear and brainwashing to see how the albino’s react. Its sad.

In the underground cave they meet Julia once more, apparently the dead body in the last case was his brother and Julia is alive and well offering Hiraga and Roberto their dreams if they only join the Galdoune.

I don’t think we get any real reason why he wants them to join or any real information of importance about them. They are the bad guys, they do bad things, but at the same time I can’t figure out what it is that Julia actually wants. He offers the two of them their hearts wildest dream but for what?! He wanted nothing in return other then the two of them to join them.

This story was the story of how they were making counterfeit money and smuggling it out of their old gold cave. I believe at some point Suskins says that its a act of terrorism or something, after all these notes are high quality and already spreading in America, it’ll turn economics on its head if it didn’t stop. What is the point though? Just money grabbing? Rich people doing their best to exploit and make more money? So then what is with all the magic and the devil worshipping stuff?!

Whilst that still doesn’t make too much sense to me the miracle was fully explained away. As was the murder thirty years ago.

Father Trones and Teresa were in on it, drugging the girl and killing Carlo. Turns out that Carlo’s friend knew about it so made them stash drugs for him. Teresa died and with a guilty conscious and feeling like he had to atone for his sins Trones joined the church. He then painted the statue and planted cocaine, I’m guessing in the ceiling or just around, so when the horn sounded the cocaine would get in the air and people would see bright coloured lights. The horn was explained away as the trucks for the Gouldine moving but I didn’t figure out whether or not Trones knew what it was or was just hiding the sound because he thought it was a demon.

Trones died after stashing away on a aeroplane, freezing to death and falling out when the landing gear opened in mid flight. His guilt for killing a man finally catching up with him.

The four detectives, because Roberto and Hiraga are detectives and solved all this case on their own basically, were nearly killed but it was the stories of Solomon that saved them, leading Roberto to guess that Julia didn’t want them to die. The albinos were freed which was at least a nice part of the story. It all wrapped up pretty well.

I liked it. It was simple. I feel the show in general doesn’t give us enough information about anything and feels rushed at the best of times but they did a good job of making at least this part of this story feel like its at a end. With Hiraga’s brother being rushed to hospital in the after credits scene I can’t predict what is going to happen next.

Not really liking Julia as the main bad guy though, there just doesn’t seem to be too much there. Its boring. I’d like a bit more about this organisation and what he actually thinks he’s doing before I can really be bothered to care for him. Until then its the weakest part of that story.


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