One Piece : Happy Birthday

Chapter 867

Finding out about Big Mom’s past just made me kind of love her. It was a sad story really and the influence of Mother Caramel is obvious to see.

Another crazy development as you’d expect. It now makes sense that Mother Caramel wouldn’t tell Linlin that any of her actions were too violent, turns out that Mother Caramel is actually selling the kids to the government as spies, she plans on selling Linlin too after she actually killed a Giant Hero in Elbaf during her rampage.

That isn’t the craziest though, we see Mother Caramel using the same power that Linlin has and on Linlin’s sixth birthday it looks like she got so carried away eating the birthday cake all her friends had made for her that she ate them all too, it would make sense that she’d have Mother Caramel’s powers and why the photo meant so much to her.

In Linlin’s eyes the only person who ever believed and loved her was Mother Caramel, she left Elbaf with the children to save Linlin’s life and gave her the best birthday party of her life. It might also explain a little why she wanted people to be bigger at the tea parties, if everyone is the same size as her she couldn’t accidentally eat them.

Though what a ghastly end for the kids of the orphanage if that is the truth!? The poor things were munched to death by Linlin.

Again though… I just feel sorry for her. She was kind of encouraged to be the Demon the Giants now see her as because of Mother Caramel, she was abandoned and obviously has some sort of problem with food that she might subconsciously realise meant that she ate the only people who cared for her. Their disappearance is still playing on her mind and I just can’t help but feel bad for her as a character.

What a sad chapter.


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